10 Comic Book Films 2021 That Geek Impulse is Powered Up to See. Confession Time.

10 Comic Book Films

10 Comic Book Films List for this year that Geek Impulse thinks you will delight in.

  • The King’s Man
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • Batman: The Long Halloween
  • Morbius
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • The Eternals
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Black Widow
  • Justice Leagues Snyder Cut
  • Spider-Man 3

However, not just theatrical films, but even some animated films that we are excited to see. Many movies on this list have been shifted from 2020 to 2021, but it doesn’t matter to us at all. We’re all pumped up to see these epic movies come to life at last. For our most awaited comic book films coming out in 2021, here are our top ten choices.

From our list, 10 Comic Book Films, probably one of the most anticipated films though has to be Spider-Man3 because it will set up the multiverse in a much bigger way. We will be getting multiple timelines with multiple Spider-Man’s and Villains.

Jamie Foxx reprises his role as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Alfred Molina returns as Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane with Toby Maguire and Peter Parker as Andrew Garfield.

After the incredible success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we couldn’t imagine how epic a live-action version of it might look like. Especially with cast members from previous Spider-Man movies, which will allow us to get closer to those movies.

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