100-Year Old Workshop Crafts Kimono Cloth Pikachu Doll

The Pokemon buzz is as real as ever, with the latest release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on the Switch, (the first game to be released on console rather than handheld!), and one workshop has cleverly combined their own 100 year anniversary year with the creation of a beautiful new kind of Pikachu to jump on the bandwagon; the Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Pikachu (Kimono Cloth Pikachu Doll).

江戸木目込み人形 ピカチュウ

Using hand crafting techniques originating in Kyoto in the 1700s, doll maker Mataro’s crafters studied Pikachu intently to understand every ‘cute’ angle of the world’s most well-known Pokemon, and they have created a beautiful kimekomi ningyo version out of silky, floral, kimono style fabric, complete with a fitting bow.

Kimono Cloth Pikachu Doll Geek Impulse

Kimekomi ningyo are originally mini wooden doll representations of the intricate court and aristocratic clothing of the 18th century. Modern adaptations are helping to keep the craft alive, as with this Pikachu version, or this Hatsune Miku rendition made by the same company.


9300 k2

The kimekomi Pikachu (Kimono Cloth Pikachu Doll) by Mataro is so popular that the first 9 sets of 50 pieces are sold out, and when the 10th set is available it will be shipped in May 2020. The 13,200 yen ($121) price tag isn’t dissuading buyers, so if you want one ordering soon might be a good idea. If you’re coming for the Olympics and have your hotel booked already, check if you can get it shipped there!

Kimono Cloth Pikachu Doll Geek Impulse

You’ll get the Pikachu, a stand, a gold folding screen for a backdrop, and a wooden maker’s plaque that reads:

“Edo Kimekomi Ningyo, Pikachu, Mataro Ningyo”

9300 k3

This would be a truly beautiful mash up of the traditional and pop culture to adorn any corner of the home or office, but where would you put your Kimekomi Pikachu?

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