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If you love Pokémon as much as we do at Geek Impulse then this latest news should be an exciting one for you. We just learned that on the official Japanese website for the 21st Pokémon anime film titled Pocket Monster: Minna no Monogatari/Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story has finally been updated with visuals as well as with an introduction to five of its new protagonists, along with Satoshi and Pikachu.


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劇場版ポケットモンスター みんなの物語」2018年7月13日(金)ロードショー #ポケモン映画


As you well know if you have been following the franchise for a while now this one continues where the 20th film Kimi ni Kimeta!/I Choose You! Left off. That one of course was released in July of 2017. Below is the list of protagonist for this film:


  • Lisa: a high school girl who is an absolute Pokémon beginner
  • Kagachi: a braggart who can’t stop lying
  • Torito: a timid researcher who can’t have confident in himself
  • Hisui: an eccentric old lady who hates Pokémon 
  • Largo: a mysterious girl





To be honest, Lisa, is the first time that we have seen a Pokémon character design that I actually we can fully get behind. Now this release is probably coming because of the rumor of a new Pokémon game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Do you think that in this film Ash will mention that he saw Lugia before, and he is the chosen one? Let us know in the comments below as well as find me on Social Media to continue the conversation as well.



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