11 Captivating Goth Girl Anime Characters That Will Leave You Begging For More

Goth Girl Anime

Though Gothic trope in anime isn’t inherently a genre, it is a common theme that can be found in a variety of anime series. We’ve compiled the best Gothic Girl anime characters of all time for this list.

Since Gothic anime isn’t a well-defined genre, not everyone will agree on what makes a decent Gothic anime series, but we hope you can add some titles to this list that you can suggest to other anime fans worldwide.

Goth Girl Anime Character – Dalian

Goth Girl Anime
© Gainax

From the Anime The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, Dalian’s appearance is unusual; the contrast among her hair and skin, as well as her fashion style, lead to her being confused for a toy. Dalian sports an unusual combination of clothing and armour, including armored footwear and tassets, as mentioned in the light novel.

Dalian is the custodian of the 900,666 Phantom Books and a grumpy librarian. With her demeaning and snarky attitude, Dalian isn’t the most accepting. When offered treats, however, she displays a more friendly side.

Goth Girl Anime Character – Hotaru Tomoe

Goth Girl Anime
© Toei Animation

Hotaru Tomoe, Sailor Saturn’s non-Sailor Soldier persona, is a gritty goth girl with a horrible inner battle. Hotaru blends into the goth archetype no matter how you look at her. Hotaru has “goth” painted all over her, from her role as the Sailor Soldier of Death and Rebirth to the Crystal version’s psychic powers and hidden dark side. Sailor Saturn, too, looks great in purple, courtesy to her choker, knee-high boots, and purple-themed outfit!

Goth Girl Anime Character – Ai Enma

Goth Girl Anime
© Studio Deen

Ai can also be described as the series’ anti-heroine. She often shows few indications of being moralistic or idealistic, and she sometimes condemns those who want to prevent her from doing her work for a worthwhile purpose. She is the first Hell Girl!

Goth Girl Anime Character – Sunako Kirishiki

Goth Girl Anime
© Aniplex

A eerie castle on a hill houses a tiny vampire baby with a super Victorian look. If you ask me, that’s pretty flipping goth! Sunako Kirishiki dresses in frilly, ruffled dresses from the 1970s. The heavy compositional colors are black, white, and purple. High collars and rows of buttons down the front of her outfits contribute to the ominous atmosphere. Sunako’s victorian look is pushed to the limit by her wide, circular, soulless black eyes. That, and the fact that she lives by sucking the blood of humanity and commands an entire vampire military.

Goth Girl Anime Character – Kurumi Tokisaki

Goth Girl Anime
© Funimation

Kurumi Tokisaki embodies her mysterious and creepy personality even without her black and crimson gothic lolita gown. It’s all about who she is on the inside for this Smartest Goth Girl: the goth with a generous heart. She’s a sick (and compulsive) killer who only targets bad guys who injure other humans.

Goth Girl Anime Character – Medusa

Goth Girl Anime
© Netflix

Medusa, the snake to Arachne’s spider, has a look that is very different from what we would expect from a traditional goth girl. She definitely introduces a different twist on the genre with her flowy jumpsuit and bare feet. But, due to her completely inhuman and unsympathetic abuse of her own son, she’s very probably one of anime’s scariest and most heartless villains (perfect little baby Crona must be protected at all costs). That black and green dagger nail polish is gothic perfection!

Goth Girl Anime Character – Rory Mercury

Goth Girl Anime
© Crunchyroll

Rory is an anime goth girl from the series Gate with a polite demeanor, as shown by the fact that she instantly made friends with Yji Itami and began sitting on his lap. She, on the other hand, has no mercy for her enemies, as shown by the fact that she killed a gang of bandits without empathy.

Goth Girl Anime Character – Misa Amane

Goth Girl Anime

Misa Amane can appear perky and bouncy in the anime Death Note. She’s mostly about ridiculous crushes and aspiring to be a pop star. With her black babydoll skirts, chokers, crosses, and stocking and garter sets, she definitely looks the part. Misa Misa not only looks the part, but she has a genuine dark heart, promising her love and devotion to the one and only Kira, and using the strength of her lethal notebook to help him build his ideal society.

Maria Naruse – Shinmai Maou no Testament

Goth Girl Anime
© Production IMS

Maria Naruse is Mio’s guardian. Mio is the devil’s offspring. Maria’s attire, which consists of a black Victorian dress, has landed her on this list. Though she is tall and slim and appears to be very young, she can transform into a mature grown woman with statuesque assets by inserting a key into the keyhole-like mechanism above her chest when she wants to gain more strength. Maria has a childish side and enjoys teasing others.

Mato Kuroi –  Black★Rock Shooter

Goth Girl Anime
© Sanzigen

She is a naive and innocent first-year weird girls middle school grad. She seems outgoing and enthusiastic on the outside, but she is extremely shy around strangers. She is a sensitive and meek person on the inside, but she finally gains courage. She enjoys philosophical musings and would often mutter to herself about the world around her.

Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist

Goth Girl Anime
© Netflix

In the famous anime sci-fi action anime series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,’ Lust is one of the main antagonists. She is the first homunculus to be revealed to the audience. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is without a doubt one of the most influential anime series of all time. Ultimate Spear is her nickname, and she is often seen with her husband’s gluttony. Lust is a vital character in the series since she works behind the scenes and is one of the main factors in keeping the story going and enthralling.

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