Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Chimera

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Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Chimera



Gearing for the games third-year post launch, Rainbow Six: Siege will have two new operators added to its team. You will have Finka and Lion. The pare are biohazard specialist and will be bringing some awesome Tech and Chemicals to the gameplay right alongside of the Operation Chimera which is set to update on March 6th. So be on the lookout for that.



Excerpt from the Ubisoft official website about Rainbow Six: Siege.


Lion and Finka – who represent French and Russian counter-terrorism units, respectively, as biohazard specialists. Along with traditional, competitive Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer matches, these new Operators will see their weapons and gadgets put into action in Outbreak, a new four-week co-op event that starts March 6.


Ubisoft Montreal took some time during this weekend’s Siege invitational to sit and chat about what Finka and Lion do and what the gameplay will look like. All this after the trailer was officially released which you can see down below.


Now let’s dive into the capabilities a little bit:



Finka: She gives her team a boost with nanobots. She administers a shot right before the operations. These nanobots dissolve in the players’ blood and gives them enhanced abilities. Those abilities are a short boost of health, and faster aim-down-sights and quicker reload speed as well as better control when receiving kickback from recoil. You will definitely see the difference in the recoil control as it looks and feels smoother is very noticeable.

You can see that by Clicking HERE.


Lion: With him you get to bring a drone to the fun. The drone can hover above the battlefield and help detect movements. So to avoid being tagged stay still shortly so you don’t get seen.


You can see that by Clicking HERE.




I am confident with these additions that Ubisoft has made, will prove to continue to strengthen the franchise. The fact that Rainbow Six: Siege is going on its third year already and is a fan favorite shows that Ubisoft knew what they were doing with this game and I believe it will continue.


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