1st Solo Documentary Series About BIGBANG’s Taeyang

A documentary series about BIGBANG’s Taeyang has been announced!

The popular K-pop band BIGBANG’s second documentary film will hit YouTube next week, featuring member Taeyang, in the run-up to the band’s upcoming music release, its agency said Monday. The first episode of the eight-part series, “White Night,” is set to hit the official YouTube channel of BIGBANG on May 18th. According to YG Entertainment, each of the remaining shows will be released every Thursday and Monday for a four week period.

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The upcoming documentary featuring Taeyang, the principal vocalist of BIGBANG, is the second in the documentary series about the K-pop band BIGBANG. In 2018, the first edition, “Kwon Ji Yong Act lll: M.O.T.T.E,” featuring member G-Dragon, received wild acceptance from fans. “White Night,” named after Taeyang’s namesake solo album debuted in 2017. It follows the artist’s 215-day journey, stretching from preparations for the album through to his March 2018 enlistment. The period includes also his marriage to the actress Min Hyo-rin.

The film unfolds the true story of Taeyang as Dong Young-bae, who struggles to find his own value system and identity. Taeyang has held up the team as an integral part of Big Bang since its debut in 2006 with his strength in singing and dancing.

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The release of the documentary comes ahead of the first new music release by BIGBANG in years. The release is set for 2020, following a hiatus due to mandatory military service by band members. Taeyang made his solo debut as a singer with “Only Look at Me” in 2008 and has been shaping his own career with hit songs like “Wedding Dress” (2009), “Ringa Linga” (2013) and “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (2014).  

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