2021 Anticipated Netflix Originals Movies and Shows You Will Be Thrilled To Watch

2021 Anticipated Netflix Originals

The 2021 Anticipated Netflix Originals is packed with shows and movies we are super excited to stream.

Quick List and in no particular order of the 2021 Anticipated Netflix Originals:

Streaming services, for many, have been a slice of normalcy so far through this year’s continuing lockdowns, and while many entrants have joined the market this year, Netflix still stands high as the leading provider. This year, the streaming giant continues its drive to add fresh and exciting original content with new series and movies, and next year, they’re going to keep on looking forward to a new slate of originals.

So what kind of content should we look forward to streaming on Netflix in 2021 you ask? Everything we mentioned above. From comic book adaptations like The Sandman and Sweet Tooth to horror stars like Guillermo del Toro and Mike Flanagan taking brand-new shows and movies to the table, Netflix is expected to have an impressive and varied offering next year. Let us know which of the above from our 2021 Anticipated Netflix Originals you want to see most. If we left something out let us also know in the comments below.

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