2NE1 Members Reunite For 11th Anniversary Video Call

CL posted a heart-warming video of 2NE1 members celebrating their 11th anniversary with a virtual reunion!

On May 16, CL took Instagram to share in an adorable video clip as the 2NE1 Members Reunite with a special video chat, writing “HAPPY 11th 2NE1 X BLACKJACK DAY. Our members Bom, Dara, and Minzy; our fans of BLACKJACK; and everyone who loves 2NE1, thank you always.” Park Bom starts by saying, “I can’t believe that 11 years have passed. I feel a little sad, and I’d like us to really get together for real. She goes on to say,” I hope all the other members are working hard [on their solo activities], and I’ll wait for you. I appreciate both of you.


Similarly, Sandara Park expresses her love for her fellow 2NE1 members and declares passionately, “You are all so precious to me, so precious. Oh, I love you so much. “CL says,” Don’t scream! Please don’t cry, are you? “After making sure that Sandara Park doesn’t cry, she goes on to say,” Let’s all meet up some time before your [musical] ends. And Minzy’s got a new single coming out early, so let’s go.

Towards the end of the 2NE1 Members Reunite, CL says, “I ‘d like it if we could get together at least once a year, using our anniversary as an excuse, so I’m a little disappointed we couldn’t get together today. Let’s definitely get together before the [Sandara Park] musical comes to an end this month, and let’s also get together to congratulate Minzy when her single comes out. And no matter what, because we began it all together — even though we’re different, Even though it’s been a long time since we’ve been all together.”

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