3 Ways DC Lied to You About Superman. Formula Repeated

3 Ways DC Lied

These are the 3 Ways DC Lied to You About The Man of Steel.

Since Superman made his first appearance and altered the course of popular culture forever in 1938, the universe has changed quite a bit. But despite the decades, the new Man of Steel is basically the same person that fans saw on the cover of Action Comics #1 lifting a car over his head.

Krypton’s Last Son is not immune to the evolving dynamics of the culture of comic books. That means there are certain aspects about Supes that have been drastically altered since that very first comic book, for better or worse. These are the 3 Ways DC Lied to you.

Superman was named the ‘last’ Kryptonian, but there are a whole lot of them. ( 3 Ways DC Lied #1 )
3 Ways DC Lied
© DC Comics

Kal-El’s peculiar character and the feeling of alienation that naturally comes with being the last of its kind are discussed in some of the most unforgettable Superman stories. Loads of other humanoid aliens have survived Krypton’s death.

With Zod, Krypto the Superdog, Kara Zor-El, and the rest of the old gang, the Superman legend is probably better off with these additions.

DC Comics Said he was dead. (3 Ways DC Lied #2)
3 Ways DC Lied
© DC Comics

While the popularity of Superman may ebb and flow every few years, it’s not because he goes out of style. In the early 1990s, DC killed Superman and resurrected him. When he returned, it was in a black suit with long black hair.

In 1992, with The Death of Superman, in which the Man of Steel perishes in a fistfight with the giant Doomsday semi-mute aggression baddy. After that, Superman in a 1993 comic, complete with his latest bad boy look, appeared alive and well from a regeneration matrix.

Superman can outrun the flash (3 Ways DC Lied #3)
3 Ways DC Lied
© DC Comics

One of the superhero controversies of all time revolves around a footrace between Flash and Superman. Flash can run quickly enough to transcend the boundary of time-space and return to the past, as well as to other worlds. Superman, on the other hand, once traveled fast enough to turn back time. He was flying though, not running, by the way, and it’s a disputed moment in the movie history of Superman.

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