Black Panther Review and Easter Eggs Explained

black panther

Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER
T’Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman)
Credit: Matt Kennedy/©Marvel Studios 2018


Black Panther Review and Easter Eggs Explained


We get the opening credit scene which explains to everyone the origins of Vibranium. We get a look at Captain

Americas Plane crashing as it flies by during world war two. It’s kind of cool the whole beginning because they

go from the beginnings of man all the way to what we currently see play out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I

was flabbergasted at the tribute to the very first black panther. It was also recently in a comic book where they

showcased an ancient version of the avengers. So these scenarios have been playing out for centuries and in

different universes. Kind of getting ahead of myself, but I wasn’t sure how they would fix the plot whole of

Vibranium being spread throughout the world, but they patched the whole up towards the end of the movie.

That was done when they said that Black Panther would be working with the world to share its technology.


Screen Shot 2018 02 20 at 1.50.08 PM


In case you didn’t know the people of Wakanda try to keep tabs on everyone in the world who has Vibranium.

We saw of course Stan Lee do a small cameo in the film, not as big as in Gaurdians of the Galaxy, but

noticeable as usual. Stan Lee isn’t getting younger so what Hollywood is doing is actually having him film a

bunch of scenes in front of a green screen and then later inserting them into the films. That really cool mask

we see Kilmonger wear is actually designed to look like the mask in the comics. One of the issues I took was

how much they changed Kilmongers origin story in the movie. He was originally supposed to fight for Ulysses

Klaw and help him invade Wakand. He of course was forced to do so by Klaw. As a result, Black Panthers

father, exiled all who rebelled. That is how Kilmongers family ended up in the United States.



With all that being said we finally got to see T’Challa breakout on his own along with some badass women

warriors. We get our first look into the secretive and very rich African nation of Wakanda. With the post credits

scenes, I think it is safe to say that the stage is set for Black Panther to be a big player for the future of the

MCU. Now we didn’t get to see an infinity stone in Black Panther, However, I believe it is safe to say that it was

there given the mystical properties of the Vibranium, and the existence of what is considered the plane of

consciousness where soul’s hangout once they depart the realm of life.  With all that and the mysticism of

Wakanda it is definitely there. As far as how it got there some fan theories suggest it hitched a ride all those

years ago on the Vibranium meteor that impacted Wakanda. We at Geek Impulse speculate that Tony Stark

A.K.A Iron Man might be gifted some of the Vibranium to create some really awesome gadgets and toys to help

the Avengers.


1518831899 502 Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier in Wakanda at the End of Captain America Civil War


I am sure paired with Wakanda tech and Stark Tech will play a hige role in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War.

Last but not least in addition to Bucky not having an Arm and then seeing him in the Infinity War trailer with an

arm we think he got a Vibranium one. Can you imagine what that can mean for him especially since he has

been wiped of the brainwashing? Well we also see he gets the nickname White Wolf… I am stoked to find out

what this might mean for his character development as it was given to him by the Wakandan people. White

Wolf does come from the Black Panther Comics in the 90’s. As we know the movies play with origins a lot so

though it belongs to T’Challa’s adopted brother, we could see Bucky fulfilling some of that role. Do you think

we will see Bucky be the head of Wakanda’s version of the CIA? What are your thoughts about the Souls Stone

being in Wakanda? Leave comments down below.



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