Damn! That’s Scary! A 360-degree infinity pool is coming to London.

360-degree infinity pool Geek Impulse

360-degree infinity pool by Compass Pools will be located on top of a London skyscraper

If you are afraid of heights, then this might not be the integral photo opportunity for you. If, however, you don’t have fears and want to get the best photos for your Instagram feed, this is the pool for you. Plans are already in place for what is said to be the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool on a rooftop. This will be done in London. UK-based manufacturer Compass Pools are behind the project. They unveiled the design showing that it is a 600,000-litre pool and will be on top of a 55-story hotel. The construction has not begun yet but is said to start in 2020.

When we look at the design it is really intense. The walls and floor are completely transparent and therefore not for the faint of heart. You will be able to see everything while in this pool. There is a built-in anemometer that will monitor wind-speeds as well as a digitally-controlled building management system which will ensure the water is always at the right temperature.

Compass Pools’ website says that swimmers will use a spiral staircase “based on the door of a submarine” that rises from the pool’s floor. Alex Kemsley, swimming pool designer and technical director for Compass Pools, told Business Insider sister site INSIDER that the staircase works like “a tube in a tube.”

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360-degree infinity pool Geek Impulse

Speaking about this element of the design, Compass Pools’ technical director and designer Alex Kemsley explained that “normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view – and obviously you don’t want 600,000 litres of water draining through the building either. The solution is based on the door of a submarine, coupled with a rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out.”

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