3D Printed ‘ AMPHIBIO ‘ Allows Humans to Breath Underwater

AMPHIBIO is The Futuristic Garment For Underwater Breathing




AMPHIBIO - Geek Impulse



AMPHIBIO was designed by a student named Jun Kamei at the Royal College of Art in London. The concept here will allow humans to breath underwater. The device has yet to be tested on humans, but that is the next step. Things such as these always start from inspiration and then evolve into real world use. Kumei was inspired by Insects that create a bubble to help them breathe. 



When researching insects we found something incredible. So how do these insects do this? Here is an excerpt from National Geographic: 



Thousands of microscopic hairs cover the bodies of these insects. These hairs create a water-repellent coating on their shell, so when the insects submerge themselves, an air bubble forms around them. In this manner, the bugs are free to breathe the oxygen in the bubble and stay underwater. As the oxygen level falls and the carbon dioxide level rises inside the bubble, fresh oxygen is drawn from the water and carbon dioxide dissolves into the water. Essentially, the insect could stay underwater indefinitely.


Here is a video Demonstrating the design in action underwater:





We are all or most familiar with the recent news of the boys who were trapped in a cave in Thailand. Operations like that could make use of this kind of technology allowing for a better success rate of rescue. Although this technology is still in the early stages of development, this is exciting because it has real world application when successful. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new invention in the comments. 





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National Geographic



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