The Book of Anime – DERE DERE (Tsundere)

The Book of Anime – DERE DERE (Tsundere)





Today we will be discussing Deres. If you are like how I was at first you probably never heard the word

before. Well that’s because it’s usually paired with a separate term like Tsundere or Yandere. Dere is

part of the seemingly never ending amount of personality tropes which has its roots originally in the

dating sim community and was used to express romantic interests. It of course eventually made its way

to the anime subculture so now you see many anime characters matching these archetypes. 


       Tsundere つんでれ/ツンデレ, is a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeia:

  • tsun tsun つんつん/ツンツン
  • dere dere でれでれ/デレデレ


Both words describe different attitudes. Tsun tsun refers to someone who acts cold, or blunt. The

onomatopoeia itself is actually the sound of someone sticking their nose up in the air, (hmmph) or

turning away in disgust. These are the characters who have challenges with being affectionate, so they

become overly dramatic about something usually irrelevant because they do not want to express their

feelings. These characters also go from nice to abusive to prove that the nice things they do for the

person they love have absolutely nothing to do with them.


On the other hand, dere dere describes someone who is affectionate or lovey-dovey. You may have seen

dere dere people in a relationship. They’re cuddly and use pet names with each other.



Now let me ask you, Have you ever been in love? Like crazy in love? Like so crazy in love you would kill

anyone who gets in the way of your love EVEN THE LOVE ITSELF!!!?


Then you might be yandere やんでれ/ヤンデレ. It’s made up of these two words:

  1. yanderu 病んでる/ヤンデル
  2. dere dere でれでれ/デレデレ


Yanderu basically means sick or depressed. Yandere are a bit paranoid mixed with a bit of psychotic and

even more so in love in the deepest of ways. These characters will kill, sabotage, or injure anyone who

they think might be moving in on their one and only. These characters will even go so far as to kill the

one they love if they feel they are being unfaithful or just so they can be together forever.


On the other hand, If you’re calm and composed, but have a heart full of passion, then you might be

kuudere くーでれ/クーデレ. It’s made up of these two words:

  1. kuru (Coodo”e”) くーる/クール
  2. dere dere でれでれ/デレデレ


“Kuuru” comes from “cool or icy” in English. Though it could just be part of a character’s persona they

could actually be someone without or little emotions.


Lastly we have Dandere. Dandere  だんでれ/ダンデレ is actually a Japanese homophone. This same word

has two meanings.

The first “dandere” is made up of these two words:

  1. dandii だんでぃ/ダンディ
  2. dere dere でれでれ/デレデレ


Dandii comes from the English word “dandy.” It is used in Japan to describe manly and sophisticated

men. Dandies look cool and don’t seem like the type to become affectionate.



The second “dandere” is made up of these two words:

  1. danmari だんまり/ダンマリ
  2. dere dere でれでれ/デレデレ


“Danmari” is the noun form of the verb “damaru which means to be quiet. So this dandere describes

someone who is quiet but actually feels “dere dere” in their hearts.


Examples of Dandere:


There are a ton of Deres out there such as


  • Darudere ダルデレ
  • Sadodere サドデレ
  • Bakadere バカデレ
  • Nyandere ニャンデレ



Do you have a favorite type of Dere? Where there more iconic Dere characters you wish we mentioned?

Let us know in the comments down below.


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