Become a Fortnite Legend With These Tips! It Could Happen!


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Become a Fortnite Legend With These Tips! It Could Happen!


It can be tough to pick up on all of Fortnite’s idiosyncrasies and hidden bits of information–especially since

the free Battle Royale mode doesn’t include a tutorial. Master these tips you can gain a competitive advantage

over the competition. You will dominate the Battle Royale Mode. (results may vary)





This might sound obvious or even ridiculous depending on your quality of headphones. However, do not

underestimate the power of your headphones. You can ambush people with a team. Hear those attempting to

sneak up on you and get them first. You can focus in on enemies shooting at you. As with the majority of

games you are at a large disadvantage when listening through the speakers. If there was anything I can say to

do it would be to trade in games at games stop, save your allowance or some from your check and get a good

pair of headphones. It will change your life in this game.




A good thing to remember as you start a map, is to find as many weapons as you can. You will see a lot of pros

do this. They will choose a spot with a lot of buildings. Learn to work on your fighting abilities. Hiding isn’t the

best strategy. (sometimes it can) Remember that when you fly over hills or areas with higher elevation you will

deploy quicker. So avoid this. Heading for building is the best way. You want to fall to earth quickly and gather

weapons. Beating other players to weapons should always be at the front of your gameplay. Get in, grab

weapons move on to new locations. Get the loot and get the hell out of there.


Don’t Pick Up Everything You Come Across


Sounds counter intuitive to the last tip I know. It’s all about critically thinking about what essential is and isn’t.

You will find that over time you develop a love for a couple of weapons or that you are more skillful with a

couple of weapons. Usually one medium to long range and a short range one like a shotgun. If you have a

bunch of different pistols for example that you don’t use that can slow you down and lower your level of

effectiveness. When stopping to manage ones inventory it can leave you vulnerable in the game and cause you

to be eliminated.




Double up on the Favorite Weapons


For example, if I have two shotguns in my inventory and am in a battle, what is quicker? Reloading or going for

the other shotgun in your inventory? This of course works best while having them in slots that are adjacent to

the other. This will be a useful skill that will take time to get used to, but we promise you it will be useful.


More Wood Please!


No, I am not building a log cabin here. It’s just that getting as much as you can carry early on become useful as

it provides protection against your enemies and allows you cover to strategize and destroy those who would

seek to destroy you. Pine trees whose green portions reach close to the ground tend to be the best, but it’s

worth experimenting as you play, to learn where on the map you can get the most materials fastest. The same

is true with other materials. Brick walls yield some brick, but piles of rocks out in the wilderness are even

better. Salvage vehicles and get metal. You get the idea. Experiment with this a little. Experts find that wood is

more flexible when it comes to quickly building protection in firefights. Yes, other materials are harder to

destroy but also take longer to build. So WOOD!



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Anakin! It’s over, I have the High Ground!


Yes, that is a Star Wars Reference. What did you expect, a geek not to be a geek? Come on guys and gals and

everyone else this is Geek Impulse. We are all geeks here. Yes, obtaining someone else’s fort takes skills when

they have the high ground. If you can do this though congrats you are more talented than me! No, but really

though try this, try building upwards while fighting. and if the other player is trying to get above you, try to get

higher or force them to change locations, to take their advantage away. Beware though this though a short way

to beat your enemy it can cause you the fight if the wood is destroyed out from under you.




Watch for Supply Drops and Mark Them


Every so often the Fly Bus will drop off supplies. Among other things you are constantly looking out for these

should also be on your list. Be careful though as others might see the same ones. The crates’ drop positions

are marked by blue smoke grenades on the ground, and they float down on balloons once they’re dropped.

These crates contain some of the best loot in the game, including the minigun and rocket launcher, so they’re

definitely worth your attention. So mark it, but again beware that it’s a perfect place for an ambush.



Become a Meteorologist



Really though we mean it. The ever-advancing storm–the circle that constantly contracts to make the play

area smaller and smaller–is a danger that you constantly need to avoid in Fortnite. The edge of the storm is a

great place to catch desperate players as they scramble to get to safety. Also, you might be able to duck

through the tough-to-see-through edge early in the match to lose anyone in the eye of the storm who’s

battling you. It can be a gift or a curse. It depends on your level of skill, but be confident and you should do

fine with practice.


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 The Daily Challenges


V-Bucks  as you are aware of are Fortnite’s premium currency, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items

to make your character wear cooler clothes or deploy more fun emotes. Playing Fortnite earns you experience

points based on your performance in a match, and each time you earn enough, you level up, which earns you

one “Battle Star.” After grabbing 10 Battle Stars, you advance to a new “tier,” and at certain tiers, you unlock

new emotes and other items. It’s possible to earn tiers faster by completing Daily Challenges. Also if you can

afford to it is recommended to purchase The Battle Pass as it puts you on a different and much more

rewarding tier track, allowing you to earn significantly more cosmetic gear as you level up. The Battle Pass

track also includes V-Bucks!





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