7 Strange Mutants That Became X-Men. Ssshhh!!!

7 Strange Mutants

7 Strange Mutants That Oddly Became X-Men. They Were All Professionals Though.

Some less functional mutations are bound to be seen by fans. The New X-Men saw the introduction of one of several odd Mutants, many of whom are still still with the squad. So today we’re going to take a look at 7 of those Strange Mutants to be X-Men ever.


7 Strange Mutants

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The First on our list of the 7 Strange Mutants. She has the ability to register danger to human life in the vicinity and automatically gives her the powers necessary to save those lives, be they hers or others. She is able to morph herself according to the danger and save individuals accordingly. She seemingly has the limitless morphing ability.

Vange Whedon

7 Strange Mutants

A prosecutor and a member of the Mutant Rights Coalition, Vange Whedon is (or Mutant Rights League). When she comes into contact with blood, her ability to shapeshift is activated. Recently, she made her live-action debut in The Gifted’s second season, but she has yet to go into full Dragon mode.


7 Strange Mutants

His actual name is Angelo Espinosa, and it is Mr. Fantastic’s that is comparable to this X-Men. He has the odd tendency to compress and use the extra skin on him to swing, catch, and even jump rope.

In the comics, Quicksilver mentions that he just unfolds and sticks out everywhere when being leisurely so he made it to the list of 7 Strange Mutants.


7 Strange Mutants

Bloodstorm was Ororo Munroe’s Earth-1298, who literally led a life nearly similar to our own Storm, before Dracula caught her. It gets strange then. Bloodstorm became a mutated, weather-controlled vampire, and Dracula wanted to make Ororo one of his brides. She ate off her dimension’s Forge and Kitty Pryde intermittently in order to keep from slipping into darkness.


7 Strange Mutants

Xorn, the brain-star mutant, had a twin brother, Shen Xorn, who, not surprisingly, had an equally strange power to mutate that he introduced to the X-Men. A miniature black hole that released the same energy and power as a typical black hole was the brain of Shen Xorn. As he does with Juggernaut, it gets weirder when he uses the black hole’s pull on gravity to vacuum up other beings.


7 Strange Mutants

A little bit rough around the edges is this former Morlock turned X-Man turned X-Force member. The mutant power of Marrow allows her to undergo rapid growth of the bone. Like big quills, the bones stick out of her. Finally, the scale and strength of the excess bones, which she cuts off and uses as weapons, she came to manage.

Creepy and painful. So here she is as one of the 7 Strange Mutants.


7 Strange Mutants

Magik is a powerful sorceress and mutant able to teleport across time and space who suffers from internal demons but remains an angel at her core.

Dormmamu dragged Magik and the X-Men into Limbo and revealed that Limbo was being killed by her improved magical ability. Before Magik sends them running, the squad is able to hold back the demonic hordes and absorb all of Limbo’s magical magic, using it to defeat Dormammu, but at the price of the dimension.

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