74 Year Old Ninja of Heisei Caught by Japanese Police

OSAKA — Japanese police say they finally arrested the infamous Ninja of Heisei. The 74 Year Old Ninja of Heisei is a thief who dressed as a Ninja to carry out raids. This went on for 8 years. Imagine our surprise to find out that he is 74 years old. He was eventually identified on a Security Camera. Read on as we at Geek Impulse suspect he wanted to be caught.

Police say they believe he carried out a total of more than 250 break-ins over the years. He has been charged with stealing about ¥30 million which is roughly $270,000 or £240,000. The most confusing thing for investigators because they assumed the person of interest was much younger. They had observed the man ‘act’ differently during the day than average elderly persons. They knew they had their man when he went into an abandoned building and changed into black clothing. “He was dressed all in black just like a ninja,” a senior official in the western Japanese city of Osaka said. Investigators said that the thief was able to run “on top of the walls” with ease rather than in the streets, the BBC reported.

“If I were younger, I wouldn’t have been caught,” he reportedly said at the time of his arrest. “I’ll quit now as I’m 74 and old enough.” What are your thoughts on this? Age is just a number it would seem in this context. We do not agree with his actions, but it is an interesting story.


As early as the 11th century, the inhabitants of Iga and Koka gained a reputation for their skills in unconventional warfare. Close to the political center Kyoto, yet distinctly remote due to their rugged terrains, Iga and Koka presented an ideal hideout location for refugees, bandits and losing parties of battles. Many ninja families lived here within autonomously governed communities, developing their martial skills for self-defense.

74 Year Old Ninja of Heisei Geek Impulse

During the age of the warring states in the 15th and 16th centuries, many warlords would hire the ninja of Iga and Koka as mercenaries for their set of unique skills in facilitating the conquest of castles and victories in battles. These were the heydays of the ninja.

Once peace was established in the 17th century, the ninja were mainly employed by the Tokugawa Shogunate to spy on the various regional lords and to guard Edo Castle. During these times, the ninja became greatly romanticized in popular culture, such as kabuki, which led to inaccuracies in the common perception of them. The stereotypes were subsequently exported to the West and further developed to entertain audiences there.

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