850 MIL Views! Strong BLACKPINK BOOMBAYAH And Comeback News!

BLACKPINK BOOMBAYAH Becomes The 1st K-Pop MV To Hit 850 Million Views! Fans are Excited!

The group’s “BOOMBAYAH” MV reached 850 million views on May 13, making it the first debut MV to reach the milestone by a K-pop artist. The video was released as part of the debut of the YG Entertainment’s group as of 8 August 2016.


BLACKPINK appears to be in a mood to smash a few records. Since quite some time now the South Korean girl band has been in the limelight! They come out to show that nothing is impossible if people believe they can’t get any better. BLACKPINK makes history once again by garnering 850 million views on BLACKPINK BOOMBAYAH Music Video.

850 MIL Views! Strong BLACKPINK BOOMBAYAH And Comeback News! 1

Recently, On May 9, Jennie took to Instagram Live to reveal that she and the other BLACKPINK members had gathered in the studio to prepare for their upcoming comeback. After greeting her fans, she turned to her bandmates and asked, “Why are we in the studio today?” Rosé, whose voice could be heard off-camera, excitedly replied, “For our music video meeting! This is news for our BLINKs!”

Jisoo then gave fans a “sneak preview” of their upcoming comeback album, declaring, “I’ll explain our music for this [comeback],” before getting up to her feet and presenting the music through an interpretive dance. At the end she said, “And then Lisa dances something like that.” Jennie replied with a laugh, “Really? That kind of sentiment? To my mind … no, that’s not easy. I just can’t explain that.

During the broadcast Jennie also revealed she had recently suffered a leg injury. She explained, “I’ve been doing a lot of exercise lately, during our time off. Jisoo warned me not to go overboard but one day I felt it wasn’t enough after finishing Pilates. I just wanted to sweat a little more. So I started running on a treadmill that I installed at home recently.’ She laughed, switching to English, “This is so stupid I don’t even know how to explain it. I was running so basically, and yes, I tripped myself. On my leg. And now my ligament hurts a bit.

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