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The 8th Generation of Pokémon will be officially coming to Nintendo Switch. At Geek Impulse, we admit that it might be a long time still till we see the Pokémon 8th generation on Switch, but we might get a little surprise at E3 this year. 



Pictures of the official Nintendo Magazine Spanish addition, indicates to us and the person who posted it that an 8th generation is in the works. It also talks about how the company is rethinking the saga itself. They are looking to surprise Pokémon fans everywhere with new mechanics of the game play.


While this information comes from an ‘official’ source, this magazine has made some errors regarding future Pokémon releases in past issues. So we do recommend taking this for a rumor at this point. Companies have to continue to innovate. In order to continue to grow new things have to come out and this is especially important for the gaming industry. 


This official magazine hads suggested Diddy Kong would be a playable character in Mario Kart 8. That wasn’t true. Lets just wait to see what Nintendo will reveal at E3.They gave us so little information about upcoming games, that we need a umbrella at E3 for all the games they will drop on us perhaps. 


Nintendo Switch Pokemon - Geek Impulse


What do you all think about this information? Will we see a new generation and mechanics on Switch? Start the conversation in the comments below. 



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