A Black Hole Started Mysteriously Glowing At Center of Our Galaxy

Black Hole Started Mysteriously Glowing Geek Impulse

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Black Hole Started Mysteriously Glowing.

The Keck Observatory always seems to bring us cool news. This time the Hawaiian based observatory announced that in May of 2019, they happened to observe a super large black hole at the center of our galaxy enlarge by 75 times brighter than normally observed. Much speculation has been discussed about the cause of such phenomena, to astronomers, they believe that it is somehow feeding as though it has a mind of its own and needed more nutrition in the way of galactic delights.

The most recent observation was outlined in a report titled Unprecedented Variability of Sgr A* NIR from Cornell University. In it. researchers noted that a similar event took place in to so far out past. The black hole observed, is roughly 25,640 light-years away from our planet and is dubbed the Sagittarius A*. This means in laymen terms that what we just witnessed happened 25,640 years ago.

One of the lead researchers Tuan Do who discovered the flash, says that the video is a time-lapse of images that were taken for over a 2 1/2 hour time frame. This was done using the Keck Telescope. Tuan Do also notes that this observation was done with the help of the infrared electromagnetism spectrum which is outside what is visible by the human eye. As is usually the case, researchers do not readily know what caused the phenomena to happen. One writer has speculated that, “the extraordinary increase in brightness was caused by either a subatomic particle “wind” that surrounds S2 (a star that orbits closely to the supermassive black hole), or perhaps G2, which is an unknown astronomical object that may be a dust cloud or a star surrounded by a dust cloud that also orbits near the black hole. If this is the case, it’s fair to say that this increase in brightness is due to the supermassive black hole “feeding” on some form of dust surrounding it.”

It is not exactly clear what happened as we stated previously. The only things to do at this point is to continue to observe it. The time of year that the sun passes through Sagittarius is fast approaching. This will make it impossible to observe. When the sun has passed, it is the hope of researchers that they will observe the black hole once again and collect more data to explain things. That will be a few months from now. Follow us to stay updated.

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