A paradise for UFO Catcher fans – New World Record Arcade in Fuchu, Tokyo

In August a new Taito Station opened in the Kururu Shopping Centre close to Fuchu station in western Tokyo. With 454 UFO catcher machines, the arcade has set a Guinness World Record for most crane games at an arcade.

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A paradise for UFO Catcher fans – New World Record Arcade in Fuchu, Tokyo 1

The arcade is situated in the basement of the shopping centre and filled with several long rows of UFO catchers. You can find a great variety of items ranging from plushies to food items and snacks, anime merchandise and miscellaneous items. Signs like this can help you navigate through the jungle of crane game machines. But still deciding on which prize you want to go for can be difficult with so many to choose from.

UFO Catcher Geek Impulse
The yellow sign indicates that this the section for food items.

Most UFO catcher machines cost 100 Yen per play, but some are 10 Yen per play only. Inside the arcade, there are several machines where you can exchange your bills for 100 Yen coins in case you run out.

The arcade also has a very convenient system if you want to call a staff. Instead of having to wait until one shows up, you can scan a QR code on the crane with your phone. A staff will then come to the machine that you are at. If you ask nicely they can give you hints as what is the best strategy to get a certain prize. Sometimes they even position the prize so that you can get it easier.

UFO Catcher Geek Impulse
Every crane has such a QR code on the front

Also, if you inserted several coins at once and managed to get the prize before you ran out of credits you can call a staff to transfer your remaining credits to a different crane machine.

If you like crane games the Taito station in Fuchu is definitely worth a visit. You might want to set a budget in order to not spend your whole travel savings on crane games.

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