The Geek Impulse Foundation
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The Geek Impulse Foundation is a non-profit market research organization that was created by a group of pop culture enthusiasts and food lovers in 2017. We are on a mission to educate the public about world pop-culture and provide STEM services to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and their families while creating original programming for the public good.

Our business knows how to speak to all audiences in the most effective way possible. Geek Impulse communicates with any market niche through social media, print advertising, videography, and events, from Korean pop culture fans and anime fans to committed foodies.

The Geek Impulse Foundation remains ahead of the game by great presentation, unparalleled aesthetics, unwavering work ethic, and ferocious passion, using tried and proven methodologies and continuous innovations.

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Our Mission is to Archive and Preserve Pop Culture for Generations to Come. 

Joshua Sexton, Geek Impulse Foundation President / Editor

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