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The Geek Impulse Foundation is a non-profit [501 (c)(3) EIN: 86-1945242] The Geek Impulse Foundation (The GIF) was Founded by our President Joshua Sexton, a disabled combat veteran. The goal of which is the preservation of Geek culture, the establishment of an academic research center, dedicated to the topics of game studies, Anime, Comic Books, Science & Technology, and media programs designed to shape the future through the power of creativity and innovation. The GIF makes every effort as a public service media institution, sponsored by donations from viewers and readers as well as grants, to live up to the trust put in us. Our objective is to conserve and archive Geek culture, as well as providing accurate and impartial broadcast and other services, as well as quality content through appropriate medium.

Our business knows how to speak to all audiences in the most effective way possible. The Geek Impulse Foundation remains ahead of the game by great presentation, unparalleled aesthetics, unwavering work ethic, and ferocious passion, using tried and proven methodologies and continuous innovations.

Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics are all examples of STEAM fields. STEAM is a program that combines STEM and arts subjects in a variety of educational settings. While building on students’ math and scientific backgrounds, these programs aim to educate students to inspire innovation, critical thinking, and the application of engineering or technology in inventive solutions or creative responses to real-world problems. STEAM programs incorporate art into STEM education by incorporating logic and design principles as well as fostering creative solutions. 

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Our Mission at the Geek Impulse Foundation is to Archive and Preserve Geek Culture for Generations to Come While Creating Programs That Push Humanity Forward.  

– Joshua Sexton, The Geek Impulse Foundation President / Editor (Zero2mars)

The Geek Impulse Foundation Programs (THE GIF):

The Geek Impulse Foundation
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Pre-college Program Workshops

  • Meet Weekly from January to August
  • Team building and group support
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Leadership and becoming an active agent of change on campus
  • Academic excellence

University Campus Program

  • The Campus Program aims to extend the effect of the GIF model at universities by ensuring GIF Scholars’ retention.
  • Three times a year, GIF staff representatives travel to each university to meet with GIF Scholars, campus liaisons, and mentors. During the first two years of college, each mentor meets weekly with the GIF as a group and every two weeks with each Scholar individually.
  • The GIF hosts an annual weekend-long GIF Innovation Retreat for the entire student population, faculty, and administration, with the purpose of exploring a critical campus topic chosen by GIF Scholars.

Career and Alumni Association

  • Internships
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Career Coaching
  • Graduate + Fellowship Program
  • The Alumni Network
  • The Career Program equips GIF Scholars with the tools and resources they need to land the most desirable internships and leadership positions in a range of fields. GIF accomplishes this by forming partnerships with outstanding enterprises and organizations around the world, as well as collaborations with leading graduate and professional institutions.

The Geek Impulse Foundation Research Center (In Development & Seeking Donors)

Futuristic academic research institution dedicated to the topics of Game Studies, Anime, Comic Books, Science & Technology. From classic toys to innovative technology. The foundation center performs technical and general research on a wide range of games and types of play, archives industries mentioned above through catalogues, research papers and inspires future advances in these fields.

Its goal is to create a nationwide and international network of academic research locations. The foundation’s purpose is to play a leading role in facilitating collaboration between industry, academia, and governmental agencies, public institutions, game-related enterprises, and other relevant groups. Scholars from a variety of fields, including the humanities, social sciences, and informatics to help promote research initiatives to fulfill this aim. PDF available for serious donors and Investors Which goes into greater detail. You can also contact us here.

The Geek Impulse Foundation

The GIF Steam Overview

  • GIF STEAM recruits, educates, and develops cohorts of students interested in Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, and Math (STEAM).
  • GIF, in collaboration with its remarkable STEAM partner colleges and universities, works to increase the number and effectiveness of all students, including underrepresented students majoring in STEAM fields, while also assisting in the development of more inviting campus communities for students of all backgrounds. We place a strong emphasis on assisting veterans and their families.

The Geek Impulse Foundation Vision of the future:

Citizens and communities that employ technology to coproduce an environment in which their digital rights are safeguarded, and their cities are made more sustainable. These are smart cities of the future. What is the definition of a smart city? The word has been used in a variety of situations, including urban planning and governance, transportation, energy, the environment, health, and education. With the scholars in our program as well as government and corporate partnerships, we believe integrating the IOT into our daily lives while tricky, can help to move cities and humanity forward.

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