Adventure Anime Orient a New Shonen Coming to TV Unveils Visuals and Trailer 101

Orient Anime

Today, the main photo for Shinobu Ohtaka’s ORIENT TV anime adaptation was published, featuring most of the characters demonstrating their abilities. The ORIENT TV anime will premiere in January 2022, and Crunchyroll will be airing it live according to Comic Natalie.

The show will broadcast on TV Tokyo and AT-X in January 2022. The anime will be streamed on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll will premiere the animation at this year’s Anime NYC on November 20. On December 12, the staff will hold an anime viewing event.

Orient Visual + Synopsis

Orient anime

Musashi and his companion Kojirou Kanemaki made a pact five years ago that when they grew up, they would become samurai, create a league, and go on demon-slaying adventures. However, things have changed since then. The samurai are despised and discredited as demons are now adored and venerated by society.

Musashi, fearful of showing his ambition to become a warrior, disguises himself as a miner while covertly honing his swordsmanship. Elsewhere, Kojirou abandons his pledge to his old friend, despite being a direct descendant of a samurai. Musashi’s outlook changes after he saves him from a near-death encounter. Kojirou sets out on a voyage with Musashi, still uncertain, in the hopes of discovering his actual feelings.

Against all obstacles, the couple plunges blindly into the mysterious world of beast-slaying, unsure of what awaits them in life. The fifteen-year-old heroes, now mounted on iron horses, vow to rehabilitate the samurai’s shattered name, and rid the world of dark forces. (Geek Impulse Rewrite)

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