Aliens! It Sounds Crazy… Secure Team 10 is NOT a Hoax & The Unknown is Scary


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Hey Geek Impulse Fam we are going to talk about something a little bit different, however I think as geeks we have often thought about the unknown. Are the Sci-Fi things we watch real? Aliens are scary. Or perhaps you are a geek who doesn’t believe there is something else out there. A sort of intelligence that is beyond our current capabilities. This is my personal opinion and as the CEO of the company that is difficult to say. I run the risk of being laughed at. I just cannot fathom personally how there couldn’t be other beings we have yet to meet. I was inspired to write this article due to the fact that there is a lot of people who are trying to infiltrate the UFO community and are attempting to change the narrative and inject falsehoods. We all have heard of Area 51, little grey aliens and the Phoenix Lights.
So with that I do ask that you keep an open mind. Use your imagination. I have heard it say that if you can imagine something that means it has already existed, currently existed or can exist in the future. So yes we are going to talk about the topic of UFO’s and Alien Beings and Strange phenomenon. A lot of what I will talk about will mostly focus attention on a particular YouTube Channel called SECURETEAM10. I have watched Tyler’s channel for over a year now. Perhaps longer actually. What I have found is that he actually does his best to ensure that what he shows his audience is real. Real in the sense that its not CGI or made as a college film project etc… With technology advancing fast it is getting increasingly harder to tell, however he has a good eye for these things and does his due diligence. More about him in a little bit.


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I want to talk firstly about the person whom I think is either knowingly or unknowingly ruining the credibility of himself and the UFO community. That person is Tom Delonge and his organization To The Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences. (Notice the … after To The Stars I think that says it all) I am not here to debunk or ruin someones goals (I am not that powerful)  but this guy has swindled the public and needs to be held accountable. For example he has raised over 2.5 million dollars. He has released a third video recently that is called go fast which he claims to be exclusive and was actually shown to the public Two Years ago.  The previous content were not very good. One is not clear and shows what actually looks like a bad photo of one of those balloons that are popular these days with the number that people use for their birthdays. One of the videos is allegedly shows pilots chasing a UFO and doesn’t sound like professional military pilots. I say this being a veteran myself. I have interacted with pilots during my time in the military and they have just like those of us military personal on the ground a certain way of communicating. Tom Delonge was on the Joe Rogan Podcast as well and when you watch the interview you can see that the guy clearly has no idea what he is talking about. He has several staff that are former government employees. We all know that if something has the government backing like this company it is probably something you cannot trust. I can go on, but check for yourself and you will see that he is most likely full of BS. well.


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 I want to digress and get back into Secure Team. If the stats from TubeBuddy are correct then this is what his channel makes per month and what his reach is:
  • 805 videos
  • $9,775 monthly estimated earnings
  • 382.5 million views on his channel
  • 1.4 million subscribers
  • 2,358 daily subscribers to his channel


I bring those up to say this, the mainstream media outlets, as well as news outlets are starting to attack him. I didn’t write this article to defend Tyler, other than following his channel and twitter I have no knowledge of him as a person other than those which I mentioned above. I bring everything up because as we see time and time again average persons who gain influence on social media, especially those with opposite views than those who run the media and the platforms are constantly being attacked and censored. I dislike this fact and believe that this channel, and there are many others, actually brings his users the truth. To have these videos or channels like his censored is an injustice. I want to hopefully bring new viewers that will share his videos and get the word out before it is gone because these days you never know when that will happen. They attacked PewDiePie as well. Although Secure Team isn’t nearly as big that will not stop these people from deleting the channel.



There has been lately a lot of weird things happening. There are oceans where the water recedes over night and leaves boats stranded. Strange sounds are being heard randomly which is causing windows to shake, but there is no reported earthquakes in the area or anything seen and it sounds like a BOOM. Unless it has changed there is now flights allowed over the north pole, there are pyramids found in Antartica etc… the list goes on and on.


To conclude this rant I want to suggest this, question everything. Question Secure Team and do your own research. Question To The Stars Academy and follow the money because you will find some interesting things about what is going on there. Question a company who has a lot of government involvement. Support people who dream and want to bring some truth to the world. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are credible. Critically think for yourselves. Do your own research and stop blindly following others. If you guys like this article and want to learn more let me know and I will write articles about it. I do not focus on these topics much, but I will write something again in the future.




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