Alienware’s New Gaming Device Is A Nintendo Switch???

Alienware’s New Gaming Device was showed off along with a lot of “new” technology at CES 2020. We say this because of a new prototype. It looks awfully familiar; it looks like a Nintendo Switch. The Concept UFO–which, as the name suggests, is still a concept that the company is working with rather than a finalized product. Like the Switch, it –is a portable system with a screen that can detach from the controllers on either side of it, much like the Joy-Cons slide off the Switch.

“We’re going to share some of the concepts that we’ve been working on,” Ward said. “You won’t be able to buy these anytime soon. Or maybe you will, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

CNET had hands-on experience with the Concept UFO, Alienware’s New Gaming Device and said that, compared to many other prototypes shown at CES 2020, it “looks and feels finished, with a high degree of polish.”

One quote from an anonymous internet user said, ” Too gimmicky. There’s never a time when I don’t want to use keyboard/mouse for PC gaming. This concept works on the Switch more because PC gaming on TV’s kind of suck and Switch is the kind of console I would want to on occasion lounge on a couch and casually play. PC is just not that for me. You also have to consider all the ultra wide high refresh rate monitors that many PC gaming enthusiasts will probably have at this point and would prefer to play on. Samsung is now selling 49 inch 32:9 aspect ratio monitors for about the same price as this device if the $1400 figure is accurate – as a PC gaming enthusiasts what would you rather have? “

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