All New Modern Pokémon Cafe Set to Open in Tokyo!!!


All the Pokémon you can handle in a new modern place



This is obviously not the first Pokémon Cafe in Japan. In comparison to the others, this is the nicest one yet. It is modern yet minimalistic. This cafe is what I would expect. I am excited. This particular cafe opens later this month. Since they updated their website with photos. The photos are below this. As of March 5th at 6PM, reservations opened. You can reserve up to April 5th. YOU WILL NEED A RESERVATION TO ENTER THE POKÉMON CAFE.


bg menu

bg goods


If you love Pikachu then you are in luck because the character is everywhere. There are several Items on the menu. Below are a few items. If you want to see more of the menu offerings then you can do so by clicking here.




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Pokémon Cafe Online

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