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The new Inc. Echo, left, and Echo Plus sit on display during the company’s product reveal launch event in downtown Seattle, Washington, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. Amazon unveiled a smaller, cheaper version of its popular Alexa-powered Echo speaker that the e-commerce giant said has better sound. Photographer: Daniel Berman/Bloomberg via Getty Images


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When it comes to the virtual assistant war innovation is the great equalizer. As we know Amazon Alexa has a wealth of function built into it. Amazon Alexa is complimented even more with the skills of third-party developers. Alexa Blue Prints is the newest Capability. This will give the user the level of customization not seen in virtual assistants. An assistant needs to learn and adapt continuously and with this function it now can. When capered to Siri from Apple, Google assistant and Alexa seem far more capable. The reason is innovation such as the new Alexa Blueprints. While there is always room for improvements, assistants other than Siri know more about your buying and day to day habits which allow it to be more personable.  



At Geek Impulse we believe that the need at this time for customization has yet to be solved. Amazon has now taken huge steps in innovation. Alexa Blueprints makes use of 20 skill templates. These Skill Templates are for you to customize for the devices within your home. Several of the templates are just for fun. Inspirations lets you populate Alexa with a range of your favorite motivational quotes; Birthday Trivia lets you input information about household members, which is then transformed into a quiz game; and Family Jokes let’s recite for you some of your favorite jokes that make you laugh. There are also templates for children and students. Those templates allow for you to create puzzles and create flash cards aggregated with information to help you study. The cool and recently scary part of Alexa Blueprints is the ability to tell stories complete with sound effects.


Amazon Alexa Blueprints - Geek Impulse

Here is a list of some other features:


Custom Q&A :

  1. Write your custom questions and answers.

  2. Want to add more? Update your existing Q&A skill to add more questions. This is a special blueprint that does not require you to make a new skill.

  3. Ask Alexa your question exactly as you wrote it. (With this blueprint, you don’t need to open the skill by name.)

  4. If you don’t hear your custom response, Alexa may not have understood. You can verify what she heard by visiting the History section under Settings in your Alexa App.

House Guest:

  1. From toilet paper to the TV remote, list the things they need and where to find them

  2. Give instructions on using appliances, locking up the house, or taking out the trash

  3. Include important contact info for family and friends

  4. Pick a name for your skill

  5. Teach your guests to open this skill on your home devices. Provide them with a list of questions Alexa can answer about your home.

Pet Sitter:

  1. Fill in your pet’s daily habits and needs

  2. Enter answers to any common questions

  3. Provide contact info for your vet, neighbors, or favorite pet store

  4. Pick a name for your skill

  5. Teach your sitter to open this skill on your home devices. Provide them with a list of questions Alexa can answer about your pet. They can ask Alexa about:

    • Daily schedules

    • Allergies and medications

    • Where to find things

    • How to do things

    • Emergency contact information


What do you guys think about the Alexa Blueprints? Do you have anything in your home that has Alexa? Lets us know in the comments below.



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