American-Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara Shocks Japan With Photo Shoot

Criticism has escalated in Japan due to a photoshoot that is considered taboo and very seductive in nature. Blueing the lines between modeling and being disrespectful. If you have not heard of Kiko Mizuhara, well you know of her now. She is 28 years old and is a Japanese model, actress, singer, and designer. She first caught the attention because she was seen with Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye during their Japan trip.

This could have been done for artistic value or simply a PR stunt as Kiko will be appearing in Queer Eye’s special Japan episodes, set to be released on Netflix on 1 November. Kiko has already amassed a fanbase of 5.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Her appearance on Queer Eye is poised to take her career to the next level. This controversy comes from her photoshoot for the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of Germany’s Indie Magazine and was featured on her Instagram account.

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The photos are taken in a traditional Japanese room. In the photos we see Kiko spread out on a tatami floor in very stylish clothing. The room itself is painted with a traditional Japanese style artwork adorned on the door panels. This lets the viewer know it’s in a more formal setting and in an expensive home. The things that captivated people’s attention was the pose with her legs open on a table in the room which is erotic and sexual in nature. Now the controversy isn’t so much the pose itself as it is the pose being done on the actual table. This is because in Japan it is expected to act respectfully in a room such as taking off your shoes before entering the room, avoidance of stepping on the wooden doorway panel and then sitting at the table according to arrangements based on traditional conventions.

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