Among Us Everything you need to know about this rowdy game To Dominate 4 noobs

Among us

What is the nature of this Among us game? Why is it so well-liked? To get you ready for some weekend gaming, we’ve got everything you need to know about Among Us right here.

Among Us is a murder mystery puzzle game in which you must work together as a group to complete simple tasks on a spacecraft. None of these activities are challenging – though card swiping can be aggravating – they are hindered by the involvement of an ‘Impostor’ – or ‘Imposter’ contingent on who you’re talking to. Each game will feature one to three Impostors, with a complete crew of up to 10.

So… How do you play Among us?

Among us
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In the game Among us, you take on the role of a crew member onboard a spacecraft, sky headquarters, or planetary base, attempting to hold your ship intact and return to Earth. However, one of the crew members has been replaced by a parasitic shape-shifting alien who tries to wipe out the rest of the crew before the ship reaches its destination. The problem is that the imposter will try to destroy the ship, sneak through vents, trick fellow players, and proceed to frame others in order to stay completely unnoticed and kill off the rest of the crew.

Additionally, the non-alien crew members are charged with repairing the ship and are prohibited from speaking until a death is confirmed. The surviving crew will then freely discuss who they believe the imposter is through chat and make their best guess as to who should be voted off the ship. The crew wins if the imposter is voted off. If the party mistakenly votes someone off, everyone returns to maintaining the ship until another body is identified, at which point they vote again.

This will seem easy, but it is how you win. Completing a group of tasks in a single area at a time is a good idea. Not only will you be able to better track an environment, but you will also be able to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. As a crewmate in Among us, duties are vital to success. Either the entire crew must complete all of the tasks before the Impostor kills everybody, or all of the Impostors must be voted out.

Among Us is free to play on iOS and Android devices (you can download it on the App Store or Google Play Store). Or, it costs $5 to play on a PC (you can download it on Steam or Also, be aware that any free versions of Among us show ads.

Keep track of what others are doing in Among us and where they are and assist your fellow imposter

Among us
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When lying in debates, it’s not often enough to simply state your case. You can also blend in by keeping track of where your crewmates have been or where they’re heading. This not only makes you appear involved in the process of filtering out imposters, but it also gives you the opportunity to sow mistrust in the minds of those who might get tripped up while defending themselves.

More power to you if you can pin it on someone else because you saw them in rooms or hallways near the body. You could perhaps keep an eye on your fellow imposter and where they’re going and sometimes follow them. The most compelling explanation is to set up double kills. You’ll be able to tell if your buddy used their kill cooldown at the same moment as you. It’s a waste of time if one imposter uses their kill and a body is identified before the other imposter can use their kill during the round. This can make you a King in Among us.

Be A ‘Gangster’ in Among us, Self-Report And Frame Others

You can declare a dead body yourself if you’re a true beast, but you’d better be prepared to play it off. “Wow, I discovered the remains in [x] room, damn, ya hate to see something like this,” or “WOW, I JUST Spotted [other crewmate] Emerging FROM [X] ROOM, YOU LOOKIN REAL SUS BUDDY,” are two options. In any case, you must be capable of playing the part as if you were a crew member, and you must be able to manage your tracks.

A further risky move is to murder someone right in front of another player, report the body, and immediately sell everyone on the falsehood that you witnessed the murder. You simply have to lie so convincingly that you believe it yourself. Please keep in mind that this approach will only work if the mechanism for imposter confirmation upon ejection is turned off.

List of Maps available in Among us

The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Airship are the four maps available in Among Us. We’ll glance at the specifics of these maps, as well as all of the task locations available on each one, in this section.

The Airship
ElectricalCalibrate Distributor, Reset Breakers (7/7), Divert Power to Gap Room (2/2), Divert Power to Showers (2/2), Divert Power to Cockpit (2/2), Divert Power to Mail Hall (2/2)
CockpitAccept Diverted Power (2/2), Stabilize Steering (2/2)
VaultFix Wiring (3/3)
BrigDownload Data (2/2)
SecurityRewind Tapes
MedicalEmpty Garbage (2/2)
Meeting RoomEmpty Garbage (2/2), Enter ID Code, Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
Gap RoomAccept Diverted Power (2/2), Download Data (2/2)
Engine RoomFix Wiring (3/3)
RecordsSort Records (4/4), Download Data (2/2)
Main HallDecontaminate, Develop Photos
KitchenEmpty Garbage (2/2)
ShowersAccept Diverted Power (2/2)
Viewing DeckFix Wiring (3/3)
LoungeClean Toilet, Fix Wiring (3/3)
ArmoryPut Away Pistols, Put Away Rifles
VentilationStart Fans (2/2)
OutsideUpload Data (2/2)
AdditionalFix Lights (%) , Avert Crash Course (in limited time)(2/2)
* Knowledge at the time of writing this
The Skled
CafeteriaUpload Data, Empty garbage
CommunicationsUpload data, Divert power to communications
ElectricalUpload data, Fix wiring, Calibrate distributor
EnginesAlign engine output, Divert Power to Upper engine, Divert power to lower engine
MedBaySubmit Scan, Inspect sample
NavigationChart course, Upload data, Divert power to Navigation, Stabilize steering
O2Empty chute, Divert power to O2, Clean O2 filter
ReactorStart reactor, Unlock manifolds
SecurityDivert Power to security
ShieldsPrime Shields, Divert Power to Shields
StorageFuel Engines
WeaponsClear Asteroids, Upload Data, Divert Power to Weapons
* Knowledge at the time of writing this
Boiler RoomOpen Waterways, Replace Waterjug
CommunicationsReboot Wifi
DropshipChart course. Insert Keys
ElectricalUpload data and Fix wiring
LaboratoryRepair Drill. Align Telescope, Record temperature
MedBaySubmit Scan, Inspect sample
O2Upload Data, Empty garbage, Monitor tree, Fill canisters
OfficeSwipe Card, Upload data, Scan boarding pass
OutsideFix Weather Node Node_GI, IRO, PD, TB, CA, MLG, Record temperature
SpecimenRoom Start reactor, Upload data, Unlock Manifolds, Store Artifacts
StorageFuel Engines
WeaponsClear Asteroids, Upload data
* Knowledge at the time of writing this
Mira HQ
AdminPrime Shield, Chart Course, Divert power to admin, Enter ID code
HallwayFix Wiring
ReactorStart Reactor, Unlock Manifolds
StorageWater plants
LaboratoryDivert power to Laboratory, Assemble artifact, Sort samples
BalconyClear Asteroids, Measure weather
CafeteriaDivert power to the cafeteria, Buy a beverage, empty garbage
CommunicationsDivert power to communications
MedbaySubmit Scan, Divert power to Medbay
GreenhouseDivert power to greenhouse, Clean 02 filter
OfficeDivert power to office, Process data
LaunchpadFuel Engines, Divert power to Launchpad, Run Diagnostic
* Knowledge at the time of writing this
Finally, Keep an eye out!
Among us
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Strange activity does not always indicate the presence of an impostor, but it is worth noting. Here is a list below to watch out for in Among us:

  • Standing near vents for no reason
  • Standing in corners of a room away from tasks
  • Not being able to clearly articulate what tasks they were working on during a round
  • Making excuses for not finishing things because of reasons outside the game
  • Staying in only one or two rooms where there aren’t many tasks
  • Standing near doors but not entering rooms frequently

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