An Algorithm Created Every Possible Musical Melody

Copyright music is an issue. Some people intentionally violate and other do it without meaning to. Either way it is an issue. What if you can not worry ever again about it? What kind of world would that be and how would it affect the lives of musicians and artist around the globe? Well lets find out now that an algorithm created every possible musical melody that can ever exist.

A lawyer/musician and of course programmer Damien Riehl came up with what seems to be an amazing idea. The idea came after realizing that all singer-songwriters are essentially walking on a “melodic minefield”, because there are only a finite number of melodies that can exist. So what this means is that with each new song that gets written, the chances of creating something truly original and unique greatly diminishes. 

Working with programmer Noah Rubin, Damien Riehl built software capable of generating 300,000 melodies each second, creating a catalogue of 68 billion 8-note melodies. “The copyright system is broken and it needs updating. Under copyright law, numbers are facts, and under copyright law, facts either have thin copyright, almost no copyright, or no copyright at all” Mr Riehl said in a recent TedX Talk explaining the project.

“So maybe if these numbers have existed since the beginning of time and we’re just plucking them out, maybe melodies are just math, which is just facts, which maybe are not copyrightable.”​ “No song is new. Noah and I have exhausted the data set,” he said. “Noah and I have made all the music to be able to allow future songwriters to make all of their music.”

Featured Image By FangCun Design Via Behance

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