An Alternate Version of Mega Man 3 Box Art That was Never Utilized Sold for An Amazing Price on Ebay!

Mega Man 3 Box Art

Early Mega Man 3 box art, particularly the Americas editions, is notorious for being a little, well, peculiar. We’re talking nice when we say ‘a bit’; the original game’s North American cover is regarded as one of the worst instances of video game box art ever created, and even Capcom artists have been prone to express their displeasure with the choices taken back in the NES era. We disagree that it’s the worst box art ever, yet there’s no disputing it’s terrible.

Mega Man 3 Box Art Sold on Ebay

Mega Man 3 Box Art
© sumb1else / Mega Man 3 Box Art

An online auction recently sold a production cell with a different version of the North American image – presumably, a concept idea before the ultimate design was developed. As you can see in the screenshots above, this variant has the same layout as the finalized graphics, with slight differences here and there. Check out the intricacy on the ground and illumination in this rough draft, as well as the main character’s appearance above.

The reseller stated in the description that it was obtained “years ago from someone on the now-defunct NintentoAge site who got it straight from somebody who engaged in the game’s promotion.” From the same product details, here’s some further information on the cell:

It’s roughly 5” tall and is extra cool because it features the box art without any of the game title, Capcom logo, and promotional stripe over it. This might be one of the only ways to see the full format of just the artwork. The most interesting thing about this piece is that it features an unused version of art. If you look at Mega Man’s face, you’ll see his eyes are different from the final box art. Who knows if there are any other copies of this version anywhere else?

It’s possible that this piece was used to create the layout for the final production box art. Most pieces like this are either locked away somewhere and nobody knows about them, or often they are destroyed, so this is truly a unique piece.

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