Chizzled Studs Showoff Their Muscles in This Anessa Sunblock Ad in Japan

As is the norm in Japan, sunblock has always been marketed as a cosmetic product. That is why we usually see young women who are stylish in their ads. This makes sense given their target demographic. They want to have their consumers aspire to a certain lifestyle which elevates their brand. We are writing this article because it would seem that Shiseido is taking a very different approach with their new ad for their Anessa Sunblock.

The stars in this ad may look all too familiar. Tatsumasa Murasame, Shinij Takeda and Kota Kobayashi host a show called Bodybuilding for Everyone on NHK which is a public broadcaster from Japan. Marusame is Swedish-born and his name given at birth is Jakob Sebastian Björk. The purpose for the casting is to highlight “aqua booster” formula which Shiseido claims actually increases the amount of UV protection the product provides even when you sweat or come in contact with other kinds of moisture.

We see Takeda and Murasame finish up applying the sunblock on themselves (and each other :). Then the trio begins to work out. The only person not to apply the sunblock was Kobayashi. Because he didn’t do this before all the squats, push-ups and ab workouts we see the tan lines that are displeasing to the eyes. Shiseido reminds those viewing the ad that Anessa is great for Sports. Murasame explains that it’s not just for intense workouts, but also for those weekend gardening hobbyists.

Looking at this ad we wonder if they are attempting to captivate a new demographic or just giving some eye candy for their female customers. Those who want to protect themselves from the suns harmful UV rays will probably want to grab this product. By the looks of the video above it might be best to help avoid those unwanted tan lines this summer.

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