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Anifest 2018 - Geek Impulse - Torrance

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This year the Geek Impulse were lucky enough to be invited to the first AniFest located in Torrance, California  on May 5, 2018.

AniFest 2018 by a large group of individuals who loved both anime and conventions. They wanted to create a smaller and more intimate Anime event where people could interact with exhibitors, artists, talents, and industry members. AniFest is a brand new one-day anime festival that was held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. There were three different badges available for purchase online for the event. The General Pass ($15) included full day access, free parking, access to the Japanese Garden, Exhibitors and Artist Hall, and access to E-gaming & Arcane Cafe. The Supporter Pass ($40) included everything from the general, but also a tote bag , free drinks at Arcane Cade, and Sponsored goods. The Senpai Pass ($100) made the badge holder a lifetime supporter and they would receive lifetime entry to all AniFest future events.

Even though AniFest was a first time event, they had some pretty big sponsors! They were sponsored by:

  • TitanCon

  • Lumina Light

  • Calpico

  • Super Dimension Convention

  • Kotobukiya

  • Okamoto Kitchen

  • Right Stuf Anime

  • Woke Weebs

  • Ronin-Expo

  • Arcade Maid Cafe

  • Aksys Games

  • Akibento

  • Meiji Holdings

  • Loki Press

  • Des Nation

Calpico and Meiji noticeably sponsored the event by giving out free snacks and drinks to people who purchased the Supporters Badge and Senpai Badge. It was also awesome to see Okamoto Kitchen outside the event center once you walked up to the front. It was great for those who were standing in line to enter the festival because they were able to purchase food and drinks to snack on.The Arcane Maid Cafe was a very unique addition to the festival. It brought a unique experience from Akihabara and the staffers served guests in a maid cosplay.

One awesome aspect that stood out to the Geek Impulse team was the E-Gaming Hall. The event hall was very impressive, there were tables setup to play table top games and also console games. The consoles ranged from retro to new generation. This is Part I be sure to Follow us for Part II of Anifest 2018

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