Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji Released. Gambling in Full Swing!

Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji

On August 15th a new series of Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji was released in Japan. Ichiban Kuji is a popular lottery system that is usually being sold in convenience stores and game centers. For about 600 to 700 Yen you can purchase a lottery ticket. With every ticket, you win a prize. There are no blanks. Prizes are usually popular merchandise items like figures, plush toys, cushions, towels, cellphone straps, or mugs. In general, chances are higher to get smaller items of less value, bigger prizes are rarer and harder to get. There are several new collections being released every month in Japan with one collection always featuring a certain game, anime or other types of franchises.

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Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji Released. Gambling in Full Swing! 1

To celebrate the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons are new Ichiban Kuji collection was originally planned for release in March, however, due to COVID19, it was first pushed back until May and once again pushed back until August. The new collection features items like a Timmy and Tommy tissue case, a leisure rug, a cooler bag, drink bottles, slider pouches, and plastic mugs. All come in detailed designs of the deserted island theme and are perfect for a picnic or camping.

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Animal Crossing Ichiban Kuji Released. Gambling in Full Swing! 2

The new Animal Crossing New Horizons collection is available starting August 15 in most Seven-Eleven stores and the Nintendo Tokyo store. One ticket costs 650 Yen. Considering the current popularity of Animal Crossing in Japan the lottery tickets will probably sell out quickly.

Ichiban Kuji items are only being sold in Japan and hard to find overseas but you might be lucky and find some items on eBay. Another option is to use proxy services that purchase items in Japan and ship them overseas, however, Japan is still limiting overseas shipping to a lot of countries at the moment.

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