77% of Japanese Media Consumed Internationally is Anime Exports



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Anime is big business! This is known. Everyday the market gets more and ore saturated. It comes to no surprise of the recent report. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released its 2016 “Analysis of the State of the Expansion of Broadcast Content Overseas” report on Friday. The result for Anime Exports, broadcasted content for fiscal year 2016 was 39.35 billion yen (roughly US$358 million). Anime Exports made up 77.1% of the total.  While just 84.2% of the revenue from broadcast rights specifically. Wow! 



According to the report on Anime exports, 32.7% came from merchandising rights. Some 31.4% from broadcasting rights. A 26.9% from internet streaming rights, 5.3% from remakes. A small 2.3% from home video rights, and 1.4% from other. This is represented by the chart below. 



Anime Exports - Geek Impulse



Anime exports numbers are as follows, 58% of revenue from anime exports in particular came from Asia, 29.1% from North America, 7.7% from Europe, 1.7% from Latin America, and 3.4% from other regions. A disclaimer with regards to this survey:


Broadcasters and the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) participate in the yearly survey. Data was collected through email surveys to 147 respondents, though the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is expanding the types of companies to which it sends the survey. Though it did not implement the changes this year, it estimates that the actual total may be as high as 51.59 billion yen.


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