Anime Film Belle by Mamoru Hosoda Has unveiled the Jaw-Dropping Teaser of the Upcoming Feature Summer 2021

Anime Film Belle

The animation Studio Chizu of Mamoru Hosoda works has started streaming a teaser trailer for its upcoming anime film Belle

On Thursday, the Studio Chizu animation studio of Mamoru Hosoda works started streaming a teaser trailer for its upcoming anime film Belle (Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime, literally ‘The Princess of Dragons and Freckles’).

The anime film Belle sees Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student who lost her mother to an accident at an early age and now lives with her father in an unpopulated rural area. Suzu learns about a virtual world called “U,” As an avatar named Belle, whose singing attracts worldwide attention, she joins ‘U’. A mystical creature that is shaped like a dragon meets Belle.

Studio Chizu had previously announced that the film will represent a “ever-evolving online world” that takes place in an online world called “U,” with 5 billion registered users. Studio Chizu referred to Mamoru Hosoda works on previous films where virtual words play a key role, such as Digimon Adventure: Children’s War Game and Summer Wars, as similar titles to explore modern society, but focused on the “recent insights.” of the director. The studio explicitly listed the themes of “coming of age, family ties, love between parents and children, friendship that transcends species, the links between our lives.”

Anime Film Belle
© Studio Chizu

The Anime Film BELLE is the project he’s always wanted to make, according to Director Mamoru Hosoda, via Comic Natalie, a film that incorporates romance, action, and suspense while also delving into serious life and death topics.

“I have directed films in the past, exploring the implications of the Internet and how our younger generations will transform the world with their own amusement. At the same time, the Internet has a more negative side to it, where people slander others without a second thought, filling it with misinformation. In spite of this, I believe that it is marvel that will expand the possibilities of humanity. I wanted to depict this massive shift in our relationship with the Internet in a way that would pave a path towards our future.” — Mamou Hosoda – English press release

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