Anime NYC experience and Cosplay Slideshow

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Anime NYC experience and Cosplay Slideshow 78

Last weekend anime fans flocked to the Javit Center to participate in Anime NYC. This marks the event’s 3rd year claim the spot as New York’s Largest anime convention. Having attended the year prior, I was thrilled to what has changed in that time. So come with me as I give you my experience of Anime NYC

The Convention Space

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Anime NYC experience and Cosplay Slideshow 79

The Javit Center has hosted many types of convention boasting 760,000 square feet of space. The lower levels contained a food court, and sitting areas, as well as all the panels and shows. A nice change was the incorporation of the artist alley into the Main show floor. Originally located on the pavilion, it had felt separated from the rest of the con. This year that area was closed off which I felt was a missed opportunity. There were spacing issues around the Cosplay Meet-Up area and would have benefited with the use of the pavilion. That said, the Main show-floor was spacious enough and navigating was not difficult

What is there to do?

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Kezzart and Her artist booth at AnimeNYC

If you like Anime, Japanese Culture, Video Games, then there was plenty to check out. Artist booth selling their fan works and taking commissions. Multiple panels and shows running throughout the day. Various voice actors and celebrates from your favorite game or anime were in attendance meeting fans and doing signings. Tons of merchandise from action figures, model kits, plushies, and clothing. There is even an entire section with free to play arcade games that you won’t normally see here in the states. These are all the things a convention goer hopes to see in a large scale convention.

The People

The people attending are a significant part of the experience in anyone convention you go to. I was wandering the floor of the convection solo and in cosplay. I had a great time socializing with everyone that recognized my costume and wanted a picture. The other cosplayers that I took pictures of were equally friendly and ecstatic to share their fandom with others. After hours walking the floor in boots that became less comfortable and ended up setting down in a phone charging session. There I sat for over an hour chatting with 3 random strangers over their con experience and what anime they were into. When everyone is there to celebrate a common interest. striking up conversation becomes super easy.

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The Phone Charger Crew


I am glad that Anime NYC has taken root. For a long time, there has never been a definitive large scale anime convention in New York. The best part about this convention is it is still young. It still feels more accessible than let’s say New York Comic-Con. This will change as this convention get bigger and trust me it will. So I suggest take advantage early and mark your calendars for Anime NYC 2020.

Here are all the wonderful Cosplay Pics I took!

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