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Pirating Retro Games Is A Thing of The Past



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The future, unless you have been under a rock somewhere, is streaming. You have Netflix, Amazon, for videos. Now comes Antstream. The streaming service looks promising so far. Their claim is that instead of streaming popular and recent titles, Antstream will instead provide access to over a thousand games you can no longer buy or play.


The biggest hurdle of course that Geek Impulse can see at the moment is YOUR internet connection. Game play regardless if is a an older game will take a lot of bandwidth to stream. This will make it difficult for some. Antstream might make for the best excuse to upgrade your internet and work that second job though to cover the new costs. This concept isn’t new per-say. Microsoft has been developing its own version of what we call the Netflix of Gaming




Their goal is to add modern games at some point. Rejoicing is ok if you are someone who wants leaderboards and multiplayer challenges, both asynchronous and, in the future, real-time. The service will be initially available on Windows PCs and Android tablets. Ironically, it doesn’t include phones yet. What do you all think of this new service? Let us know in the comments below. 

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