Apache Junction Starring Scout Taylor Compton & Stuart Townsend, #1 Movie Review. Outlaws on a Killing Spree

Scout Taylor Compton

Stuart Townsend and Scout Taylor Compton are excellent in their roles as archetypal Western characters, and Trace Adkins once again commands the screen. When Annabelle Angel (Scout Taylor Compton), a young San Francisco journalist, arrives in the Arizona hamlet of Apache Junction in the year 1881, she has a lot to prove and a strict and hard-nosed US Army captain (Trace Adkins) who appears to really want to stop her.

Lee appears to prefer zig zagging to stampeding as he unfolds his plot, giving his well-cast leads the opportunity to unveil themselves in often slow, sometimes thrilling dialogue sequences. (Article has been updated to showcase our interview.)

Synopsis and Our Interview with Scout Taylor Compton

Apache Junction is a sanctuary for thieves and cold-blooded killers, as well as an outpost of anarchy. When big-city reporter Annabelle Angel (Scout Taylor-Compton) rolls into town to do a story, she becomes a victim just as infamous gunslinger Jericho Ford (Stuart Townsend) rushes to her help. Now Annabelle must pledge her destiny to a man with a bloody background, as Jericho prepares for a suspenseful confrontation in this action-packed Western.

The action scenes are bland and without any real zing. One particular scene is designed to demonstrate how deadly Pike is lacks impact. Even the sound of his gunshot feels unfinished, as if they neglected to dub it in. Even a smear of blood on the man he wounded was clearly low budget. When we get to the big showdown involving Pike and Ford, which is framed as a dueling rather than the customary firefight in the film’s one attempt at novelty, misses the mark.

We are all for a rainy-day break in the Tripple A flicks to watch a badly produced film. Apache Junction is that film. Given that there was some time in between some scenes due to Covid, we can forgive a little bit of the bad acting. We honestly expected more from Townsend, but perhaps the break hindered his character performance. Scout Taylor Compton’s performance was what really kept us engaged and we appreciate her for that.

Trace Adkins needs some acting school

Scout Taylor Compton
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Trace Adkins is a talented country singer. We get that a talented person can sometimes go between different mediums like Broadway or different genres of music, take Darius Rucker for example. The guy needs some acting lessons, or if he has them, he needs to fire his teacher and find a new one. His performance was something of a student film, while he has stature that commands the camera a little, we think he needs to stick to music.

Overall, we enjoyed the film for what it was. A low budget period western and for that it achieves success. As a blockbuster film that went to streaming but belongs on the big screen, it fails. They probably knew this and so it was distributed the way it was because its where it belongs. We hope to see Townsend redeem himself in his upcoming films “Two minutes to midnight” where he plays a political journalist. AS for Scout Taylor-Compton who has 9 projects in the works, we expect to see her celebrity continue to rise. We hope you watch the film which is streaming on Amazon.

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