Apple Coke Is Here! Exclusive to Japan Though

Coca-Cola Japan is known for its bottles being designed very creatively. There were the pink sakura petals for spring and their autumn leaves for the fall. It would seem this year they have outdone themselves once again. They decided on a new flavor, Apple Coke or Apple Coca-Cola, depending on how you want to say it.

Apples are traditionally a fall item. With this drink, the company hopes to capture what they believe is the taste of autumn. The label is red and gold. This is so that it will stand out on shelves and entice customers that walk by. It showcases, as you can see above, leaf topped apples joyously dancing around on the classic Coca-Cola fizz.

Coca-Cola is showing that not all billion-dollar brands are equal. The company doesn’t just do soda by the way. They have jumped into the tea, juice, sports drinks and even dairy products. When it comes to Japan, the company takes a very unique approach especially with combining with products outside the norm of soda. Back in 2017, Khalil Younes, executive vice president of marketing and new businesses at Coca-Cola Japan, eluded to this uniqueness. “The Japanese consumer is very prompt to react very quickly to trends and to try new things, In terms of what the Japanese are looking for, it’s some kind of… differentiation.”

There is always a more perfect way of doing things according to the Japanese psyche. It’s applied to everything—to self-perfection, agriculturally, industrially, to everything. And it applies, obviously, to products. It’s not acceptable in Japan to have a product that doesn’t evolve and get more perfect.

Khalil Younes, executive vice president of marketing and new businesses at Coca-Cola Japan

The Coca-Cola Apple will be available nationwide from 16 September at a recommended retail price of ¥140 yen (US$1.29).

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