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Running Girls premieres on December 9 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

On December 8th, 2020 there was a press conference for the show Running Girls. Running Girls” is a new Mnet reality program in which women K-pop idols become a running crew in their twenties to search for beautiful natural running courses in South Korea.” It stars Sunmi, Chungha, Hani of EXID, YooA of Oh My Girl, and Chuu of LOONA. As she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 7, Chungha could not attend the press conference. Insights Below for press conference.

“Sunmi said, “Chungha is a little sick, so today she was not able to join us. We’re going to work hard to make up for her absence.” Hani shared, “She’s sorry, Chhungha kept saying. Chungha, don’t apologize. I hope you’ll soon get better. Only concentrate on your fitness.’

The Running Girls crew was identified by YooA as a family. She said, “They’re all such precious, beautiful and cool people.” “Chuu, the youngest member, who was said to be in charge of making others smile, said, “I think I’ve made a lot of precious memories. She also said, “Chungha, I love you.” I was very grateful.

Running Girls Korea
Are you counting 3..2..1.. down to the Running Girls premiere The Latest We All Love 1

Sunmi commented that during recording, she had accidentally ended up taking on the part of the group’s “mom.” After the filming, however, I had a little heavier heart than I’d planned,” she went on to say.” “I thought it would be mainly 20-year-olds getting together and just having fun and eating delicious things in the atmosphere.”

Until I got there however, I understood why the production team had put together the five of us,” Sunmi continued.” “All five of us were very serious about everything.” Instead of just fully enjoying it, she shared that she was thinking a lot about how she could give the other members a boost of confidence and what role she could play to make them more relaxed while filming.

Press Conference Continues For Running Girls

“I became the ‘mom’ since I cook, and Hani is taking the role of the ‘dad,’” said Sunmi. “The atmosphere at the first filming was great so I enjoyed it.” When asked if there had been any complications, Sunmi said that due to problems she has with her right knee, it had been a bit of a challenge to run. “I didn’t want to say anything but my knee popped out when we were doing our final run,” she said. “Thankfully, on ‘Running Girls,’ we weren’t sprinting from start to finish, so I could finish running at my own pace.”

Hani expressed that she had always enjoyed running, so she said it would be very cool when she got the offer to be at the exhibition. So at the meeting] I also shared ideas and explained what I had thought and how I wanted to share that while running. I think, however, that I’m gaining something greater and bigger now than running.

YooA said that even though she has several friends with whom she can share her emotions, she would like to be on the show to make more friends. “While feeling excited, I took part, as I wondered who might become a precious friend to me,” YooA said. She also expressed that without hobbies, she prefers to only lay around at home, so she decided to make her new hobby run through the show. Another of the objectives of YooA was to stay fit by running.

Chuu said she wanted to meet seniors and older female friends whom she would ask for life advice. She shared that a new family had ended up meeting her.


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