Arthell Isom, Transforming Anime in Japan One Illustration at a Time

Arthell Isom and his twin brother, Darnell Isom, are the co-founders of D’ART Shtajio, a 2-D animation studio located in Tokyo, established in 2015 with animator Henry Thurlow. I got a chance to Interview Arthell and he delivered the goods on his success. By the way if you would like to attend the Virtual Crunchyroll event website for more info and to register for a free pass here.  

Joshua Sexton (VS) – – What is it like being an American Studio in Japan and what challenges have you faced and foresee facing in the future?

Arthell Isom (AI) – – I think the major challenge facing our studio is faithfully adapting the anime style, to be considered an anime studio, while also carving out a creative space of our own. 

VS – – From a business aspect, if you were mentoring someone wanting to open a business either a studio or another kind, what advice would you give them and what resources can they find that is reliable if any?

AI – – If you want to open a business, I’ll assume you already know your craft. Study business, it’s a whole other monster. You don’t need to go to school separately for it. But read every book you can on the subject and learn from the failures and successes of other businesses. The road will be wholly your own and new, but it’s good to have a general map. 

VS – – What is the big picture, meaning what is your vision of the future, and what are you most proud of so far?

AI – – Proud is a hard feeling for me to currently conceptualize, but I can talk a little about our vision. We want to move into phase 2, lol. 

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