Assassin Dave Told Geek Impulse What He Really Thinks About His 342k Fans Its Epic

Assassin Dave

Since the beginning of Geek Impulse, we’ve been working towards interviewing inspirational streamers and gamers to inspire you. This time around we had the opportunity to talk with Assassin Dave. A streamer who is gaining followers everywhere he streams.

Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, and Facebook Gaming fight for exclusive contracts with streamers for a purpose. The top 20 streamers make an approximate $23 million a year, and most have signed deals with major talent agencies. It’s no surprise that many young people see live-streaming as a dream job. People Want to be where Assassin Dave is.

Here is our interview with Assassin Dave

Assassin Dave
© Assassin_Dave / Trovo

How what is the story of you and the League of Legends: Wild Rift tournament?

Assassin Dave: I am very passionate about Wild Rift and I have always been a community event host/caster back in the previous mobile MOBA game I made content for. I decided to transfer that passion into Wild Rift and organize some nice events. Thanks to Trovo’s generous sponsor, we were able to make that happen, and eventually organized the largest community tournament for Wild Rift at the time.

What are your thoughts on Trovo and its future?

Trovo in my opinion is an incredible platform that provides an opportunity for passionate Mobile Gamers to build a sustainable community. Trovo is also implementing bunch of features that the streaming community did not have before. Overall I think Trovo is bringing in a wave of fresh air to the global streaming community. I believe Trovo truly has the potential to be the first platform to truly compete with some of the known brands in the western hemisphere.

What has been the greatest highlight for you as a streamer?

Hosting the biggest community tournament for LoL Wild Rift, and the biggest community tournament for Mobile Legends. In competitive gaming, especially towards streamers, there is a lot of toxicity. How do you deal with it and what is your advice for those who may look up to you? I try my best not to trash talk bad players in game so I don’t build enemies. Also, I mostly look inward on what I can do to improve so I can 1v9. I believe it’s always my responsibility to carry the game, not my team’s.

Assassin Dave, Team Liquid, Goals and Where to Find Him

Assassin Dave
© Team Liquid

Why did you join Team Liquid and how has your life changed since joining the team?

Liquid contacted me. It was the first professional gaming experience I had, and it was pretty awesome! I also got to travel to KR for the first time for a tournament! Really opened up my eye to a brand new world!

What can we expect from you in the future or what goals do you have?

I am going to build the biggest, most positive, vibrant community for the world of LoL Wild Rift! And it’s going to be amazing! Everyone in the game would know a player named “Assassin Dave”

Where can fans or potential fans engage with you?

Assassin Dave X Geek Impulse.docx

My Daily Trovo Livestream as well as my Youtube channel for daily videos. Trovo:

What is a question you always wanted to be asked, but no one has asked yet and what is your response to it?

“Why are you so handsome?” my response would be “why don’t you ask earlier?”

Featured image is a screenshot of AD Trovo Profile

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