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Studio Ghibli Merch

This Studio Ghibli Merch is a compliment for the studio’s famed complex, powerful, and unapologetically independent female heroines, in addition to its beautiful, inventive films. Fans have been blessed with an array of items to represent their affection for Studio Ghibli’s diverse cast of women, from exquisite brooches to glass dining plates, and now a new, comfy loungewear collection influenced by some of the studio’s most renowned female main characters. They will be released soon.

The next loungewear line is designed by Benelic, the business that owns Donguri Kyowakoku, a Studio Ghibli goods shop. It boasts bright, eye-catching hues and a casual style. The dresses will be priced at 8,580 yen (US$78) each, and they appear playful and cosy whether you’re wearing them as pajamas or lounging around at home.

What the Studio Ghibli Merch Looks Like

Studio Ghibli Merch
© Benelic Co., Ltd. / Studio Ghibli Merch
Studio Ghibli Merch

The very first dress in the list is almost identical to the one donned by the witch heroine in Kiki’s Delivery Service. The dress, which falls just above the ankles and is finished with a little red bow at the back, is ideal for channeling your innermost witch. (Red Bow Not Included)

Studio Ghibli Merch

The Arrietty-inspired attire, on the other hand, is a bright red color with hems that mimic the style of Arrietty’s bedsheets. An embellished Arrietty can be found along the sleeve’s sides, which is a nice touch for individuals who appreciate the small but crucial nuances. There’s even a scrunchie to match, complete with a lovely anemone-patterned bow! (The scrunchie is included and priced at 1,430 yen roughly $13.05)

Studio Ghibli Merch

Sheeta’s clothing from Castle in the Sky is referenced in the very last dress. Set in a beautiful forget-me-not azure, the garment features the classic Levistone embroidered below the neckline, and a fox-squirrel, a delightful mythological critter that also shows up in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, lurks beneath the hood.

All the Studio Ghibli merch will be available to buy starting June 26 at the Donguri Closet in Kawasaki, Kangawa prefecture, at any Donguri Closet corner in Donguri Kyowakoku, or online. Below will be all the ways in which you can find the stores and make purchases.

Donguri Closet store page
Donguri Closet Instagram
Donguri Republic Online Shop Sora no Ue Store Donguri Closet Special Page

Donguri Closet
Address: Kangawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Saiwai-ku, Horikawa-cho 72-1, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 3rd floor
神奈川県川崎市幸区堀川町72-1 ラゾーナ川崎プラザ3階
Open 10:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

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