Award-Winning Composer Patric Caird Captivates viewers in Netflix’s ‘The Order’

Patric Caird is an Award-winning composer from Canada. His body of work is extensive. Patric has worked in film and television since the early 1990s, creating more than 400 scores for a variety of programming including animation, documentaries, comedy, and drama that has been broadcasted worldwide. He is currently working on Netflix’s horror drama series The Order’, which was recently renewed for Season 2.

Here at Geek Impulse, we had the honor of sitting down with the Genie Award winner (Canada’s Oscar) where he discussed how he came about working on the nostalgic show from everyone’s childhood ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy,’ to the Netflix show ‘The Order.’

Caird’s resume is consists of Infinity Features film ‘Here’s to Life!‘ starring Kim Hunter, James Whitmore and Ossie Davis for which he won the Genie Award. His film credits include ‘Dead Heat‘ starring Kiefer Sutherland; Ann Marie Fleming’s ‘The French Guy‘ which won the Park City Film Music Festival Gold Medal; and National Lampoon’s Going the Distance.

In the animation world, he worked extensively with Danny Antonucci both while at International Rocketship and later when Antonucci started his own studio – a.k.a. Cartoon. While collaborating with Antonucci, Caird scored the MTV animated series ‘The Brothers Grunt’, and Cartoon Network’s ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’ for which Caird won several Leo Awards (Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of British Columbia) for Best Musical Score in an Animation Program. Additionally, he has composed music for many popular TV series including SYFY/Netflix’s critically-acclaimed drama series ‘Ghost Wars,’ Showtime/SYFY’s Emmy-winning series ‘The Outer Limits’, USA Network’s ‘The Dead Zone,’ ABC’s ‘Wildfire’, CBC’s ‘These Arms of Mine,’ Showcase’s ‘Kink,’ and Fox’s comedy series ‘Rake’ starring Greg Kinnear.

Patric has won numerous awards including the Genie Award (Canada’s Oscar), two SOCAN Music Awards (Canada’s PRO), several Leo Awards (British Columbia’s AMPAS), the Yorkton Film Festival award for Best Original Music, and The Park City Film Music Festival Gold Medal for Excellence in Film Music.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Patric found his musical career start with his passion as a Jazz saxophone player. He toured and recorded with many famed jazz and blues artists. Most notably known for playing in the Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) winning band The Powder Blues. Their album from 1981 titled ‘Thirsty Ears went certified platinum. The band toured for 14 years. Caird is also involved with being a session player, arranger and producer.

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