Seiyuu Yuki Kaji and Ayana Taketatsu Announced Marriage on Sunday

Today another voice-acting couple decided to get married and start a family. Voice actors Ayana Taketatsu and Yuuki Kaji announced on Sunday that they are officially married and registered their marriage with the government. While both confess that they are inexperienced, they let fans know that they will continue to work hard at their careers and continue to grow as a couple. They tell fans that without their support they can accomplish anything. Ayana also said that she will continue to do voice acting as well as acting long into the future.

The manga creator for Pop Team Epic, Bkub Okawa revealed that the couple were in separate episodes of the Pop Team Epic Anime but voiced the same role of Pipimi.

Yuki Kaji is best known for voicing Eren Yeager in Shingeki no Kyojin, Shouto Todoroki in Boku no Hero Academia, and Shuu Ouma in Guilty Crown. While Ayana Taketatsu voiced Azusa Nakano in K-On!, Kirino Kousaka in Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, and Suguha Kirigaya in Sword Art Online. She is also known for performing many opening and ending themes. You can read both of their tweets below.

We at Geek Impulse wish them the best of luck on their new journey as husband and waifu. They are both at the height of their careers and this just adds to the fans who enjoy both of their work. This looks to be a voice acting power couple that will rock the industry in a good way. It is our sincere hope that they have a fruitful marriage and career. Now we turn the questions to you our readers. What are your thoughts on this news? Who were you a fan of before this article? What is your favorite character that either of them has voiced? Let us know in the comments below.

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