Obsession Batman Beyond & Kevin Smith Implode The Internet Probably won’t Happen in 2021

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is Batman Beyond Gonna Happen?

Batman Beyond Kevin Smith - Geek Impulse News

During the most recent episode of Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin’s Fat Man on Batman podcast, Bernardin mentioned that it happened to be the 20th anniversary of Batman Beyond Animated Series. At that moment the internet exploded when Kevin made the comment, “They should do this as a live-action movie today.”

So this is how it went down:

What you just witnessed was my c** face. That would be f****** amazing. Could you imagine? Oh my God…that movie makes a billion, right there man. If you’re like Michael Keaton’s coming back, people like ‘how is that possible’ and you’re like ‘because he’s Batman Beyond B****’ and people are ‘oh f*** we wanted this our whole lives!’ This is f****** good and I am down with this. When can we go?

“Can you believe, this movie is at about $750 million right now,” Smith said on Facebook. “Aquaman’s going to make a billion dollars. Go back in time and tell somebody that. That Aquaman’s going to make a billion dollars. Makes sense now, because my God, it’s visually sumptuous.

Aquaman is everything a movie is supposed to be. When you put down your two bits or 10 bucks or 20 depending on where you go, you want to escape. Take me somewhere. Show me some s*** I’ve never seen before. That’s what you want in a movie. I never mad movies like that, I was like I’m going to show you a convenience store, something you saw probably right before you went to the cinema.”

At Geek Impulse we think it might actually be a good idea. It is arguably one of the better Batman Arcs. What do you all want to see? Do you think with the success of Aquaman that a Batman Beyond Film would work?

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