Batman Ninja Stage Show Coming to Tokyo

A Live-action adaptation of the Japanese-produced animated movie We Talked About Last Year is Coming!

 If you are a consistent reader, then you will know that the anime world as well as Geek Culture is being produced as Live Action stage plays in Japan. Check out the Star Wars Kabuki for example. This trend of bringing things to a live stage play is the opposite. Usually things go from stage to film. Either way, fandom is excited about this and its what is fueling the trend. 

Batman Ninja Stage Show Geek Impulse
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Batman Ninja Stage Show is currently scheduled to run from October 10 through December 31, during which time it’ll be performed 172 times. There will also be performances to be held as part of its “Premier Week” festivities on October 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9. You can now get tickets online here for Premier Week performances, priced at 7,900 yen which includes your choice of a 15-centimeter (5.9-inch) die-cast Batman kunai ninja throwing knife or a Joker folding fan.

Batman Ninja Stage Show Geek Impulse
Batman Ninja Stage Show Coming to Tokyo 1


Japan During The Warring States Period, When The Villains Of The Modern Crime City Gotham City Slip Back In Time And Rely On The Gang. If The Villains Who Became Sengoku Daimyo Continue To Rampage Freely, Not Only Japan But Also The History Of The World Will Change! In A Desperate Upheaval, Can Batman, Which Has Been Cut Off From Modern Technology, Stop The Centuries From Altering Its History? Betting On The History Of Japan And The World, A Spectacular Battle That Transcends Space And Time Begins!

Stage Play Official Website

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