Battle Royal With Wizards? o.O A SpellBreak Review

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A SpellBreak Review

Epic Games the developer of the critically acclaimed Fornite is currently Beta testing their new game SpellBreak. What is SpellBreak? as far as I can tell its a 3 man team Battle Royal with wizards…. How original. Nothing new in the Battle Royal format, you pic a drop point, your team groups up and gathers gear and must get in a certain safe area on a map as a storm closes in. The winner is the last team standing.

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What’s Different?

Since you are a Rag-Tag team of wizards instead of guns you wield magical Gauntlets. Each of them possesses one of six elemental powers. Each element has a basic attack and an AOE attack. You can wield two gauntlets at a time and that leads to interesting magic combinations. There are additional magic power-ups that are more utility-based to help you maneuver, hide, as well as items that improve your abilities.

SpellBreak Review Geek Impulse
AoE Spell Attacks

Game Play

It runs as smooth as you can expect from the makers of Fornite. The character can levitate so maneuvering and covering ground is easy. The control layout is nice and you can quickly toggle through items and weapons (gauntlets). Like most Battle Royals it can be slow at the beginning and then ramp up as soon the area gets smaller. Since spells come with AoE attacks the battle can look hectic with spells flying everywhere but that’s precisely what you would expect a wizard battle would look like.

Classes SBtn 1
Elemental Magic


Spellbreak feels like a solid enough game as it is. But it feels like its missing something. Fornite was unique with the ability to build structures, traps, unique items, but Spell Break doesn’t have that. The use of Magic and Special Attacks are interesting but I think gamers will want something a bit more. Anyway, it still under Beta so maybe they will find that missing something or I could be wrong and people like it as it is. If you can, Check it out and let me know what you think of the game in the comments below about my SpellBreak Review.

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