Cosplayer SaLA Stuns The World With Her Highschool Photos (Slide Show Inside)

Remember that girl that liked you and you didn’t give her the time of day because she wasn’t “your type?” Well, that is this girl now. SaLA recently stunned fans on Twitter when she revealed what she looked like in High school and how the teasing she got in her teenage years didn’t get her spirits down. As a result, she blossomed into a beauty that is admired by most (even former classmates).

Cosplay by its very definition is a transformation. Cosplayers usually are fans of anime and video games who like to portray their favorite characters. Some even go so far as to make their own costumes and props which is not easy or cheap. Although cosplayers such as SaLA, do not wake up looking the way they do when they are cosplaying, there is definitely a difference from her early years as a teenager. Some more tweets below that showcase the beauty she has flourished into.

  • SaLA Geek Impulse Cosplayer
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  • SaLA Geek Impulse Cosplayer
  • SaLA Geek Impulse Cosplayer

As we said, a lot of cosplayers look almost nothing like they do when they cosplay, but fans from all over the world were shocked by the transformation. She shared photos from her younger days (just a few years ago) from her days in the rural prefecture of Kyushu. The lace she grew up is a long way from Tokyo’s metropolitan lifestyle. No one is complaining though and a lot are praising her for her courage to show before and after.

I was born into an agricultural family in Saga Prefecture and was happy, but I was teased about my facial appearance, and at my high school graduation ceremony, someone made fun of me, saying ‘I’m amazed than you can live with a face like that.’

I cried a lot but worked really hard at learning about makeup and dieting, and now, living in Tokyo, I’m able to enjoy this hobby, and what makes me happiest of all is that I can smile in front of people.


Source: Twitter/@SaLA_cos via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@SaLA_cos

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